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Name your dessert

Published:Monday | February 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

Everyone knows that the sweetest part of any three-course meal is the dessert. So, since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, Flair asked a few readers, to describe their partners as their favourite dessert.

• She's a strawberry cheesecake. Every time you take a bite, it feels like your first.

- J.J., Male


• I'd say he's a good traditional hot potato pudding with a twist of caramel sauce. He's hot-headed and steamy as the pudding itself, fresh from the oven but also super sweet. Just as how the pudding moulds to the fork when slicing, so too does my 'hubby' mould effortlessly and interconnect with me on all levels, whether intimately and intellectually. The caramel sauce represents that extra pizzazz he has that sets him apart from the rest.

- Z.C., Female


n Chocolate chip cookie - looks hard in the window but soft and lasting when eating. Then, the chocolate just melts in your mouth.

- R.C., male


- I'd say he's ice cream because he can be a bit cold but at the end of the day, you still love it even though it gives you brain freeze.

- S.M., female


- Strawberry and cream: like my girlfriend, it's the combination of a complex fruit with a creamy complement.

- G.H., male


- Chocolate cake, he's very likeable and also a 'softy' on the inside, so I have to be careful how I say what I say. And he's always in a happy mood. I would go with chocolate cake because he's very sharp in terms of decision-making.

- T.A., female.

- A strawberry cheesecake. Aside from it being my favourite dessert, it's because it has a rich, smooth creamy texture that reminds of her caring abilities, the cherry on top shows her sweet side, and the breadcrumbs at the bottom reminds me of how down to earth she can be.

- J.M., male


I'd say a chocolate volcano - at least that's what it's called where I work. On the outside he can come off hard, almost like he's all about himself 'real talk', says he's never shed a tear until I came along. But if you really get to know him like I do the same hard cake that's around the melted chocolate inside just crumbles and he gets soft and mushy.

- J.T., female


- I'm not versed with desserts but I'd say wine cake. She's all kinds of sweet, but she has strong hidden flavours, which can leave you intoxicated if you're not careful. Needless to say, I wasn't so careful.

- D.S., male


- A chocolate-covered fruitcake: My husband is very sweet and smooth just like chocolate, and even before knowing him you can tell. But then once you know who he is, it's gets better. He has a fine texture, rich and solid but soft enough to pamper you. With enough alcohol to lace you, and keep you coming back for more.

- V.S., female


- Brownie a la mode: Thick, dark and sweet. She is soft and sweet like the ice cream but thick and chocolatey like the brownie that makes me fall in love with the cocoa.

- D.E., male

- Devon House rum and raisin ice cream. Because, like my beau, it's multifaceted - sweet and smooth with the chewy delight of the raisins and the powerful effect of the rum. It inspires and maintains my interest and pleasure to the very end.

- D.M., female


- I call her chocolate lady because her skin is just as dark and silky as the molten liquor of cocoa beans, and she melts in my mouth.

- D.S, male


- Dark chocolate because he's that perfect dessert, all the pleasure without the guilt. Just right for me.

- J.L., female.


- Cotton candy: She's sweet to eat and just melt away in my mouth. Once I start eating, I just don't want to stop.

- S.C., male


- He would be a rich mousse carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - a balance of the right amount of sweetness that makes you feel guilty, but then you realise it's good for you. Just like boo, he is such a sweetheart and makes me feel amazing, and he is good for me. He makes me a better version of myself.

- M.A., female



Dessert on me


What if your significant other recited a love riddle like this to you: "Strawberries are red, chocolate is on you, whipped cream is on me, so what are you going to do?" Join in, of course! Here are five sexy dessert combinations perfect for him and her that will definitely have you both satisfied, but at the same time sweeten the deal in making you want more and more.




Both are cold by nature and will definitely send chills down your spine! You can get as creative as possible, trekking restricted whipped cream trails and/or making whipped cream bras for sweet indulgence. As for the crushed ice, when that meets the heat between the sheets, an erotic explosion is guaranteed to erupt.




Strawberries on their own is awesome! A chocolate syrup fountain flowing on the both of you, amazing! Imagine when they join forces. The pairing of strawberry and chocolate syrup body to body is so decadent that it will have you salivating in no time!




Want to get the after-party started with a burst of flavourful tropical juices? Well, create your very own fruit fiesta for two with your choice of diced mangoes pineapple, grapes and bananas. Make your bodies the platter, and indulge!




Intensify levels of intoxication by making your body a personal glass for sensual consumption. Champagne and wine don't tickle your fancy? Well, use your liquor to find his or her sweet spot.




Nothing screams sexy more than creamy, cold ice cream. Up the ante of erotica with an ice cream sundae, adding caramel and nuts to the playful mix. Or stick to the scoops, make your body the cone and get to licking.