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'Yoga-cize' for V-Day

Published:Friday | February 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Couple yoga
Couple Yoga
Couple Yoga

This Valentine's Day, fuel your love life with yoga. I bet you never thought of that! You can enhance your love connection and spend the day teasing the appetite by engaging in sensual positions that will prepare you for some exciting night activities.

So, in honour of yoga-cizing on Valentine's Day, Flair decided to engage the expertise of yoga instructor Roxanne Wright to tell us how yoga can stimulate the body and mind for Valentine's Day between the sheets.

According to Wright, breathing is important in being intimate, and yoga helps in the awareness of breath. You can become one with your partner in mind, body and spirit. She recommends that for Valentine's Day, couples can practise breathing exercises and abdominal breathing to focus on each other. Basic yoga poses such as cobra, Ananda Balasana, and standing straddle forward bend can help in setting the mood for Valentine's Day.

"Yoga helps flexibility of the body and mind, so just spending half an hour to stretch and practise yoga poses with each other is a very powerful way to create a bond between partners," she expressed.