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Chris Martin's new album dosed with 'sugar reggae'

Published:Monday | February 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMSherita Grizzle
Tara Pryce complements Chris during a sizzling performance of his new song ‘Magic’ at One on One with Christopher Martin held on Wednesday, February 15, at the Spanish Court Hotel.
Cheers! Dj Naj, Beenie Man and Dj Nikki Z toast to a great evening of music during One on One with Christopher Martin for Christopher Martin held on Wednesday, February 15, at the Spanish Court Hotel.

Christopher Martin's album launch was definitely not the typical party. A classy all-white decor by the poolside at the Spanish Court Hotel echoed the night's theme - a big deal.

Those in attendance were made to feel a part of Chris' musical family as they were included in all aspects of the night's celebration, even the cutting of the cake. The event was filled with sweet treats from the cheese and cracker served up with Moscato to the chocolate mousse and cupcakes. But just when patrons thought they were being spoilt with all the delectable delights, courtesy of Jackie Tyson and her From Thought to Finish crew, Martin's marketing team kicked it up a notch and had guests gushing over the finger-licking spicy chicken tenders served up in cute little custom-made 'Big deal' KFC chicken boxes.




An overwhelmed Chris Martin told Flair that he was happy with the successful execution because the aim was to ensure all in attendance fully enjoyed themselves. "Tonight was about the people as much as it was about me," he said. "I like to be a part of the whole experience and so I dabbled in a little bit of everything here tonight. From the decor to the whole feel and vibe, I was a part of it. I like nice things and I wanted the people to enjoy nice things, too, and so my team and I made a 'big deal' of making this experience a big deal." The entertainer said he wanted guests to feel like they were a part of a super all-inclusive experience, and explained that the 'sweetness' wasn't just to be had in the food but was also to be savoured from the music.

Martin's album is heavily dosed with what he describes as sugar reggae and encouraged persons to go out and get the album and continue to relish in the experience.With February being Reggae Month, the singer also expressed that while it was a mere coincidence that his album was released this month, he couldn't think of a better way to join in the celebrations for a genre that has contributed so much to the world. "It wasn't anything that was planned but I'm happy. It's a wonderful coincidence," he said. "It's great that we have a month where we appreciate the music. It's a time when more people get to understand the whole history of the music some more. This music is the backbone of a lot of other different genres. I love reggae music and my culture so much that every month is reggae month for me."

Martin's debut album, Big Deal, is out now and is available for purchase on every digital platform from Spotify to iTunes.