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DIY Jo | Keeping it loc'd

Published:Monday | February 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Adding some argan oil to coconut oil to moisturise the knots.
Rubbing the locs with hands fully saturated by the oils to ensure that the locs are oiled right through.
Note how the locs are placed between both hands, then rubbed together.
Applying the scalp mixture with a dropper to ensure that it goes directly to her roots.

This week, I am reaching out to my 'naturalista loc'd sistas'. While I do not have locs, I have friends that do and have learnt that while their hair is still technically natural, the moisturising process is not the same. Thus, this week DIY Jo is catering to their needs.

When it comes to scalp and haircare, I have come to realise that oil is the name of the game. No butters, since they have the potential of causing build-ups, thus showcasing residue. However, because I have been treating my hair, one of my loc'd sistas asked me to do something to help with her scalp. At the time I was already playing around with a new formula for scalp. It worked wonders for her scalp. Here is something that I did for a friend that was loc-friendly.

Scalp mixture remains quite similar to the one I had previously. The only difference this time is that I was trying a coconut oil-free remedy.

In photo: Applying the scalp mixture with a dropper to ensure that it goes directly to her roots. 



2tbsp castor oil

5 drops peppermint

10 drops lavender

10 drops rosemary

When it comes to the hair, some essential oils tend to be great for the hair. For a safe remedy I used predominantly carrier oil to nurture one's knotted mane. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, thus it helps to repair damaged hair, and because locs is a mixture of your new growth as well as shedding hair it needs a bit of reinforcement. It also gives you a fabulous sheen. Baobab is similar to argan oil with its properties and not overly greasy thus great for your locs.

11/2 tbsp coconut oil

11/2 tbsp argan oil

10 drops of baobab oil

Mix together and moisturise from root to tip.