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DIY Jo | Himalayan pink salt scrub

Published:Monday | March 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

Going through one of my social media addictions - Pinterest and though I ignored the signs at first it set me on a path to make a cut scrub with a punch.

On pinterest I saw a picture of a pink salt scrub. I must admit I did not know the exact name of the salt and I was uncertain if it was available locally, so I just scrolled pass.

A little later like fate I saw the advertisement of the Himalayan Pink Salt on Life Essential's Instagram page. I did some research before I tried to make use this new 'pretty' salt. I have eczema and my skin is sensitive. I did not want to try anything that would irritate it. While natural is better not because it is natural makes it good for you.

There were mixed reviews, while it had many benefits as a detox and great for baths they suggest that if you have sensitive skin be careful before you decide to use it in a scrub. However, there were some websites that said that it is good for eczema thus I decided to make the scrub myself and form my own opinions.

Because of the allergic reaction some individuals has to coconut oil and I knew that if it was successful I would like to share the recipe with my readers, I decided against using it. To help with soothing it I had to use my new love witch hazel (from I discovered this I am never out of a bottle). So my ingredients included Himalayan pink salt, argan oil, olive oil, witch hazel, lavender oil and rosemary oil. I used the same method as I did with the baking soda and even added a bit more oil when I noted that the salt still had a harsh texture. I found that the first time it was too greasy and for the first three days the salt was a bit harsh on the skin but it softened after. So I made a few adjustments and tried again.

This recipe included Himalayan pink salt, argan oil, drops of baobab oil, witch hazel, lavender oil and vanilla extract (more for fragrance). I let it set for a few days and then tried it. Perfection. I would not recommend this scrub if one already has oily skin and while it did not irritate my sensitive skin I would avoid it if I am having a severe eczema outbreak. Otherwise it is perfect. I had no issues. I used it solely for over a month and I had absolutely no breakouts with regards to acne or eczema. It is a great preventative measure for eczema outbreak.

Here is my recipe:

4tbsp Himalayan pink salt

1 1/2tbsp argan oil (you can use your favourite carrier oil - olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil if it does not affect your skin)

1/2tbsp witch hazel

10 drops baobab oil

10 drops lavender

4 drops vanilla extract (optional)

Directions: Mix all the ingredients adding and mixing the witch hazel first. Let sit for three to five days before using. Mix again a little oil might rise to the top and then use.