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A Woman's Domain ... Bed and Beyond

Published:Monday | March 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Back in the day, men would often say, that a woman's place should be in the kitchen. Isn't that something? We have come a far way since then, with women taking charge, dominating in just about every domain possible. This week, in honouring International Women's Day, Flair has decided to turn the spotlight on the great power and influence a woman has in the bedroom, as well as in her relationship.

- Organising gurus: Women are, by far, the more organised of the genders. Consequently, this brings more cohesiveness to a relationship, as the woman is usually the one who remembers important dates, plans special occasion celebrations, and effectively balances work and play. They are queen multi-taskers as well, and will juggle just about everything and fix every issue which arises.

- Natural nurturers: It's natural for women to be more caring than men, generally speaking. They have pampering down to a science and will definitely know how to please you. They also aren't afraid to say what they want, when they want it and how they want it. They know how to effortlessly get what they want, too.

- Leadership skills: Men might argue that this is not true, but while they might be good leaders at work, women make for better leaders in their relationships. They are more understanding of men and their needs, and are open to learning a man's love language than men are to learning theirs.




While the modern woman is not necessarily seeking gender equality in the bedroom, gone are the days when she would just lie there and allow the man to do everything. These days, women are taking charge of their own pleasure, communicating their needs in no uncertain manner, as well as playing an integral role in the bid to satisfy each other:

- The pin down: Men are normally the ones who engage in pinning down for foreplay, but women are flipping that script and exerting some serious sensual strength on their men. Pretty sure they aren't complaining about this switch in the least bit.

- Riding the rodeo: Out with the male dominated missionary and in the with female straddle. As she keeps revving the engine, completely grounded and all a man has to do is keep at attention.

- Demanding pleasures: '50 Shades' go both ways. Now, women are initiating kinky sex because they are looking for more ways to excite the bedroom. She will proudly clean your pipes but demands a skilled plumber in return. She is even willing to get the best of both worlds, having both parties reap real erotic rewards.