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Make regular entries in the Beauty Journal

Published:Monday | March 13, 2017 | 12:02 AMKimberly Goodall
Baker is happy when she makes her clients look and feel great.
Baker is happy when she makes her clients look and feel great.
Massage therapist Michelle Campbell knows every trick in the book including this bamboo massage that will bring your muscles to life.
Beauty Journal's special organic clay body wrap detoxifies and helps you to shed a few pounds. Can I say self-care at its best?
This peel off mask from Beauty Journal will oxygenate, purify and refresh your skin.
Self-care also means making your smile as bright as you feel. This teeth whitening is harmless and life-changing.
Applying the Beauty Journal custom-made organic clay wrap.
You can enjoy a therapeutic hot stone massage as the smooth stones warms and relaxes your tense muscles.

Creating beautiful memories and documenting your journey while pampering the body and mind is the ultimate mission of Beauty Journal Spacare in St Andrew. There is nothing like unwinding after a hectic day at an intimate, homey environment that allows you to be carefree and beautiful.

Owner and self care enthusiast, Kadeem Baker has always loved massages and spending time at the spa but after observing a lack in services, she started to create her own spa at home. Though she fell in love with spa care then, she still missed her 'spa days' and decided that she wanted to provide exceptional services and jobs to persons who understood spacare.


Greatness from Struggles


After acing the public health exam, Baker became accredited in aesthetics, brow and lash care and was ready being her passion to life.

Starting a business was far from easy as Baker had to build Beauty Journal from 'scratch', ensuring that her vision came through.

"I started doing lashes in my living room so that I didn't have to take out a loan but pay for everything myself. Beauty Journal took so much labour and materials. From the challenges with customs to the high utility bills, there were days when no breaks to eat put me in the hospital but I worked every dollar and now I'm happy," Baker told Flair.

Baker posits that you only live once and with your body going through so much on a daily basis, it is important to workout, unwind, eat clean and pamper yourself everyday. She encourages women to work towards being aged and 'fine'

Beauty Journal is committed to providing a luxurious experience, ensuring that employees are passionate about their work and listening to feed backs to assure growth. They believe that providing organic and cosmetic services is not magic but a journey.

Spa care can be costly so Baker advises that if you can not afford spa treatment, you should get a pan of hot water, drop some Epsom salt in it and soak your feet. You can also do your own pedicure or steam your face at home.

"It doesn't have to be an expensive service. You should always take care of yourself. Even if that means using your raw cocoa butter, shea butter or grapeseed oil on your skin to keep it healthy," she noted.

The spa offers a wide variety of services such as:

Classic and russian volume eyelash extension

Microblading and micro-shading

Permanent makeup

Beaming white teeth whitening

Massage therapy (bamboo, hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue and body scrub)

Body waxing, brazilian and brozilian waxing

LED Therapy facials


Organic and cosmetic facials

Manicure and pedicure

Beauty Journal Spacare

151 Constant Spring Road, Kingston

Tel: (876) 648-8008 or 852-3204

Instagram: beautyjournalspacare