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Self Care | Root to Sole

Published:Thursday | March 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence


During our hectic work schedule, it is important that we take care of our mind body and soul. When it comes to body we think of our health but our exterior also matters. We tend to feel good when we look good. So here are a few skin and hair care tips that we should take into consideration when it comes to our self care.

1. Mani - Pedi Pampering

You do not have to go extravagant with decor and colours you can keep it natural. But getting some professional care for your sole is something that will have you feeling brand new. You beat those fingers up daily on your phone or keyboards, not to mention those who do heavy duty work; you feel the wear and tear on them. Let someone take care of you for a change - men you too.

2. Taking care of that Beautiful face

There are so many brands of face washes out there find one that works for your skin and do not use the same soup you use to bathe on your face and do not use the same rag on your body on your face. Yes it is one body but your face is a bit more sensitive, treat it as such. . If you find yourself allergic to some facial moisturisers, using natural or organic oils like coconut, argan and baobab oil are great replacements when you use them at night, especially after a scrub.

3. Moisturise

Now some of us might have oily skin and fear moisturising the skin but moisturising the skin is necessary. If your skin is oily get a moisturiser that is water based. Your body does need the moisture. You need to replace the moisture that your body loses.

4. Water

What we sometimes are trying to fix the outside with products instead of going to the source which is the inside. Drinking water will give your skin such a glow. It is better if you watch what you eat too but drinking water is a good start.

5. Hair Food

Think of your hair and a different entity, a baby. A baby needs to be nurtured and fed to grow. If it does not get what it needs even if it grows after awhile it will get brittle and break like an individual who gets brittle bones and sickly. Your hair cannot survive on being moisturised once a week. Daily or every other day your hair should moisturise your hair and wash at least fortnightly. Moisturisers should have water as their first ingredient, hair oils that are petroleum based weighs down the hair. If you have eczema hair oils with mineral oils might irritate your scalp.