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Nourishing Hair Foods

Published:Monday | March 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

How often do we hear "you are what you eat." when we might notice that certain foods trigger a pimple and a water gives you that glow, we hardly think of our diet when it comes to our hair. Sometime what we eat does affect whether or hair looks dull or has that remarkable sheen and it also tells you whether it grows even with all your treatments.

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- Fish: We all know that Omega-3 has its benefits and one is the shine that your hair achieves. What is packed with Omega-3 fish. Salmon, mackerel and sardines to be specific. So consider adding these things to your diet to see a bounce in your mane.

- Spinach: many of us grew up on the Popeye cartoon when spinach was his miracle food to give him that boost of strength. Parents used this to encourage children to eat their vegetables but few of us actually know that this also helps with fighting brittle hair. If your hair is brittle this is something that you might need to eat.

- Foods high in Iron: Your cereals, grains like lentil, beef and liver are things that helps to prevent hair loss. No one likes to see their hair on every garment the wear and clumps falling out. So try having some iron.

- Sweet potatoes: we are always told that sweet potato is a healthy starch to have when it comes to weight loss. But is when it comes to your hair it also help to fight that dull look.

- Eggs: We ladies love to use these as a protein treatment. But for all who do not like this on their mane they can always just eat it. Eating eggs will also help to grow your hair as they are rich in biotin. So you can put down the biotin supplements and just have an omelette's.