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A Twist On Taste: Murray's Tasty Green House

Published:Monday | March 20, 2017 | 12:13 AMKimberly Goodall
She is most happy when she is investing in a healthy life.
Murray shows how it’s done.
Murray’s Okra stew is simply delicious.
She smiles at her work in progress.
Natalie Murray prepares to whip up a sample of her delicious green smoothies.
Mhmm, taste soo good! Her coconut yogurt is hard to resist.
Murray prepares her pot for her amazing masterpiece.

Eating healthy can seem like a total grouch. It is much easier to grab a bowl of cereal or stop by your favorite fast food restaurant to indulge in the awesomeness of fat. But with Natalie Murray's twist on taste and life-changing 'green' house wonders, eating green and clean can be easier and tastier.

Murray, who is known by many for her battle against the baby bulge in 2011 is a redefined 41-year-old, who prides herself on maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle. Where does her motivation come from? Murray is a normal woman who wants to feel good and have the energy to do the things that make her happy.

With a little push in the right direction by her father as a teenager and losing her mother to diabetes, Murray is motivated to practise and help others to avoid diseases and sickness caused by bad eating habits. For the past three years, Murray has been creating and renewing tasty recipes and programmes that she can adapt and include in her home and with her clients. She believes that eating healthy does not have to be boring and bland and that tastebuds are trainable. "Go on Pinterest, find a pretty picture you like, take the recipe, go to the supermarket and buy what you don't have and try it out on a weekend. You might like it, you might not like it but try, because that's how these things evolve," she said.

Murray admits that she is not afraid of salt as she uses Himalayan sea salt to add taste to her foods and sometimes substitutes sugar with orange juice. She also shares that when you start to eat this way, this is what you will crave as she now finds it hard to eat unhealthy products.

With intentions to be of greater help to her family and clients, Murray continues to learn and explore. Being a dairy-free consumer, she wanted to find other tasty ways of eating and thought of yogurt as it contains probiotics. She Googled yogurt recipes, found one she liked, and tried it with other ingredients. Now, her coconut yogurt is a favourite of the house as her daughters indulge in the soft, yummy goodness.

As mother of three beautiful, energetic girls she tries to them keep as healthy as possible, recognising that she does not have control over all of their environments. "My kids are very active with daily sporting activities and we encourage them to get outside and ride their bicycles. It's not always easy to get them to eat healthy, but we encourage them to try healthy food and save the junk food, sodas, and candies for occasional treats," she expressed.

Aside from her daily routine of creating delicious foods and coaching others on healthy eating, Murray leads a spinning class that she uses to stay active. The fun-loving, vivacious, balanced Murray encourages her clients to make small changes that are sustainable and embraces life to the fullest. To get a sneak peak on what Murray does on her normal day of 'cheffing it up', Flair ventured to her humble abode to have her share some of her special wonders.