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Relationships: A hands-on approach

Published:Monday | March 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

It was Buju Banton who sang, "It's not an easy road. Many see the glamour and the glitter and think it's a bed a rose." And for those who have experiences with affairs of the heart, nothing rings truer. But sometimes, in order to reach to the rose, you may have to pick through the thorns. That's where trying a 'hands on' approach comes in. You never know: the right touch might very well do the trick in treating your lover like a queen or a king. Here are a few sultry suggestions.


Foot Rub


After a long hectic work day, nothing says welcome home more than a foot rub. Want to go all out? You could soak his or her feet, then break out the massage oils or the lotions and get the lathering and soothing. In no time, your partner would have escaped their reality and floated on a fantasy of heaven.


Body Massage


What's more sensual than giving and receiving a full body massage? Straddle and address those knots with your magical hands. Take your time to run your hands through her hair or on his head, and send your fingers up and down his or her neck and spine, and have a grand time.


Feeding and eating time


You might not be the greatest chef, but using your hands to whip up a culinary creative is not only satisfying, it's sexy too! Want to really get the party started? Feed your significant other that well prepared meals with your hands - your bodies will thank each other later.


Brace yourself


Wait for it ... how about using your hands to take control from your partner? Ensure to make that physical contact with your hands, placing him or her under arrest, if you must with handcuffs and ties. Once you pull free, put in a 'restraining order', then drop it, like it's hot, and trade places. Give new meaning to working hand in hand.


Being Blind-sided


Heighten the sense of touch, by eliminating the sense of sight. From mountain to valleys, mold your landscape and explore all of its hidden treasures. After all, it can get all exciting when you don't know where his or her hands will go next.


Finger licking good


Now I know you might be having tunnel vision, fellas. If so, stay in that wet and warm place and let your fingers do the talking. Ladies, show them that you know how to lay a pipe too and get handy with tender strokes and vigorous motion to show your versatility.