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Finding sensuality through beats

Published:Thursday | March 30, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall

Sensuality! the word so many women dread and probably hope they never have to talk about. Surprisingly, it is only a few who take pole dancing and burlesque classes, and honestly admit they are looking to get more in touch with their sensuality. All women have sensuality. Some may be more in tune with it than others. Which beckons the question, why? What was it that made women so insecure about their own beautiful, sexual energy?

After various conversations with several women, Kaysha Franklin and the ‘Unapologetically Women’ (UW) team saw the need for a space that would allow women to explore themselves, release their inhibitions and connect with their inner sexy, sassy and sensual side.

Franklin thought that this went hand in hand with the dance. . She explains that dance has the ability to push you beyond yourself and can almost move you to a different place where it’s just you, your body and movement.

With this, they created a ‘Super Sensual Six Series Workshop’ that will release your inner vision and offer a space of self-exploration, self- expansion and self-love.

The workshop will see the likes of Christina Gonzales, a dance fitness instructor and choreographer and Sacha Renee, a pole instructor and dancer, who will help women to feel their sensuality through the beats of music and the movement of their bodies.

Gonzales shares that all women have the seeds of sensuality planted within them but that sometimes inspiration is needed for uninhibited expression.

“I intend to take these women on a journey where they tap into parts of themselves they may not have even know existed. Ultimately, I want them to know that there is nothing wrong with being their most sensual selves on a daily basis as this is part of what I see my brand as,” she told Flair.

Renee, on the other hand thinks pole dancing is one of few activities that simultaneously helps a woman to feel stronger and more feminine. When she took her first class a few years ago, she had gained weight in the course of working and taking care of my family and thought it would be cool to try something different.

“Pole dancing was definitely great fun but also tremendously demanding physically. As it turns out, I enjoyed the classes so much that I just kept training. Not only could I see myself growing fitter and stronger, but I also felt happier and more confident in myself as a woman,” Renee expressed.

For Renee, one of the joys of teaching pole dance is that she gets to help other women go on the same journey. They get to leave feeling sexy, powerful, and amazed by what they were able to accomplish.

The workshop that is set to kick start on Wednesday, April 12, will take place every Wednesday until May 17 at CHAi Studios, 88 Barbican Road, Kingston. The series will consist of hints of soca, pole dancing, burlesque, strip tease and tips on head top classes. It will be a free space that will have no judgement and is without cameras, videos and other type technology.

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