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No Limits to 'Needlez': Mastering the Ink Game

Published:Friday | March 31, 2017 | 1:44 AMKimberly Goodall

Tattoos and piercings ... some may overdose on it, some may hate it ,but if you're not a player stay out of the ink game! The sky's the limit for 26-year-old Candice 'Needlez' Davis who specialises in the poetic creation of tattoos and piercings. She is the owner of Needlez Body Candy Services and Wax Salon that she runs with passion and her innate talent to create the unthinkable. "I'm continuously wowed at the fact that I can create lines and shapes from needles and ink and that people trust me enough leave a permanent mark on their skin," she said with passion in her eyes.

Growing up in what may be considered a rare environment - a tattoo shop, Davis was drawn to the technical nature of tattoos at a tender age. Though she knew exactly where her heart lied, her mother had different hopes for her life and insisted that she attended university. Completing her science studies at the Immaculate Conception High School, Davis enrolled at the University of Technology's Law School in hopes of earning her degree while still chasing after her dream of being an artist. She developed a strict schedule and made adequate time to complete her degree and apprenticeships in the tattoo and piercing industry. In 2011, after receiving her licence to pierce and tattoo, Davis started offering her services by house calls. Two years later, with a strong clientele, Davis rented a space and started her journey towards being an admirable artist. Juggling two crafts can be tough, but Davis explains that she has shared love for each and enjoys doing both on a regular basis. "My love for each is different. While piercings are faster, tattoos are tedious and requires a little more time but I always love the final product of every tattoo I do," she told Flair with a smile.

A true artist becoming an excellent artist takes practice, determination, and meekness, all of which Davis has been committed to. "It took practice and passion to figure out my own sense of style and methods of uniqueness," she said. Though many have come to accept tattoo and piercing artistry as a true profession, Davis expressed that there are still some with the mindset that tattoo artists are uneducated. She went on to share that the negative comments made by persons who hold different beliefs, do not affect her as she believes it is ignorance and should be dealt with through positivity. Love for challenges and her craft after six years of being challenged by different designs and body modifications, Davis found her true love in tattoo portraits, animal realism and cover ups. "I love the challenges of cover ups. I love almost feeling like I can't do anything to fix or modify a tattoo and coming up with a way to make it possible," she shared.

Being a certified successful artist and owning her own space, Davis is now ready to take on apprentices as she looks to expand her Company and help other potential artists in learning the crafts. Apart from her full-time job as an artist, Davis also owns an undergarment store and sells tattoos and needles supplies to other artists.

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