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Open or closed relationship?

Published:Friday | March 31, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Certain actions that take place behind closed doors will remain taboo behind closed doors. Flair tested the waters as it relates to the matter of being in an open relationship. We asked a few of our readers, “If you could, would you be comfortable being in an open relationship? If yes, why, if no, why not?” Who dares to be different and stand out among the crowd? Or who stays in the safety net of just two? Let’s find out.



Yes, I would be comfortable being in an open relationship. That's just who I am, really. I don't believe being in a relationship should be restricted and it will breed more lies and deceit. If you open up the relationship with guidelines then I think once the other party is just as open then you both can be extremely happy. Life's too short to be miserable and no one should live under the thumb of other people's opinion.

Iceta Wright, female


As it relates to being in an open relationship, I would have been in one in the past, but not now, seeing that sex and relationships have no meaning or purpose again. Everyone is sleeping with 10 to 15 men or women per day, so it's not really safe like back in the day.

Tarik Scott, male


I wouldn't be comfortable in an open relationship. There is so far trust can go and then no more. An open relationship requires a lot of trust, and I would be concerned about how safe my partner is being in his sexual encounters outside of our relationship. There are also other things that come into play, like, for instance, developing deeper feelings for my partner and him not wanting or shunning those feelings because it could mean that things would change. I would want more commitment. The thought of being hurt when things change scares me.

Shaniene Campbell, female


An open relationship is definitely not for me, I'm too jealous for that. I strongly believe that a relationship is between two people. They can't be no love when others involved.

Noel Cunningham, male


I have nothing against the concept, but personally, I'm a traditional girl, so that would never work for me. I think there are too many possible pitfalls as people agree in principle, then emotions get entangled and expectations change. This results in all kinds of jealousy and heartbreak. Definitely not for me.

Donna Moodie, female


No, I couldn't be in an open relationship. I'm way too jealous and selfish for that.

Davion Smith, male