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Bentonite Clay Coffee Mask

Published:Monday | April 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Adding a bit of water to the clay.
Mixing that Bentonite Clay Coffee Mask.
Bentonite Clay.
From back left: Witch hazel, rosemary oil, lavender oil, coffee beans in olive oil and baobab oil which is optional.
DIY Jo ensures that she gets all the bentonite clay mixed in.
Two tablespoon of bentonite clay in the jar two more coming up.
Adding the coffee beans infused with olive oil.
Adding 15 drops of rosemary oil.
Add natures 'hocus pocus' which is not only great for the skin but helps to build the smooth texture of the scrub.

I have always wanted to make a clay mask. It might sound silly but I was always fascinated by seeing women with the mud look on their face all spa-like, with a glamorous glow after they washed off the gunk.

In photo: Bentonite Clay. -Omarie Morgan

I was gifted a turmeric mask. It was nice but I am still uncertain how well it works with my skin because I have not been consistent. I must admit I am a bit lazy, and the scrubbing of my face to ensure I don't come out turmeric yellow is annoying at times. Your skin feels great but after a full day of work I just do not have the patience to wait for it to set, plus do a marathon scrub with a rag. I decided to make a mask that would give me an easy wash off when dry.

I did a bit of research and decided to purchase bentonite clay. This is said to be made from volcanic ash, and helps to remove bacteria which, when made into a mask, is perfect for unclogging, pores. Its antibiotic properties help with soothing eczema and psoriasis.

In photo: Add natures 'hocus pocus' which is not only great for the skin but helps to build the smooth texture of the scrub.- Omarie Morgan.

Water is good for drinking and it is great for your skin, and this is best for mixing the clay to get the right texture. Witch hazel, nature's 'hocus-pocus' also helps to soothe the skin. I added a few coffee beans that were infused with olive oil. The grounded coffee beans are for exfoliating purposes and the olive oil to help give you that finishing glow. I chose to use essential oils lavender and rosemary oil as both work for eczema, and I was trying to target my eczema for this mask, 15 drops of rosemary and 10 drops of lavender.

You can use the scrub immediately. It is one of my favourite DIY's to date based on the results. My skin felt refreshed and smooth, not dry or irritated and it was very easy to rinse off, even though I allowed it to dry stiff onto my face before rinsing.



4 tbsp Bentonite Clay

2 tsp Witch hazel

1 tsp coffee beans

1 tbsp olive oil

15 drops Rosemary

10 drop lavender

Water for texture


Toss all in a jar or non aluminium bowl and mix together with a non aluminium utensil. You can add more water in stages if it feels too tight for you.