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Debunking the fat myths

Published:Monday | April 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The new saying for full-figured women between the sheets these days is, "Once you go fluff, you just can't get enough." Why is that, you might ask? It's because, when given the opportunity, underestimation can lead to domination, and that addiction ultimately ends in erotic satisfaction.

In order to truly explain the claim, we will first have to confirm some truths and clear up a few misconceptions, as far as a 'fluffy' woman's performance goes. Here a few sexual myths we would like to debunk once and for all.

- Being fat means you're inflexible.

Far from the truth. Flexibility differs from person to person, but if man meets the right plus-sized woman, he'd be surprised just how limber she can be for him.

- More cushion for the pushin'.

This has been said to be true, especially among those who choose to travel to ecstasy and back. They are guaranteed to explore that lap of luxury in 'comfort'.

- Bigger is boring.

On the contrary, because this is often assumed by the opposite sex, 'fluffy' women have had to turn up the heat, just to prove them wrong. Furthermore, it has been said that fluffier women enjoy sex more because they have a higher sex drive. So, fellas, bigger can very well be better for you. As long as you've signed up for the 'full' package, you will be plugged into the right network.

- Fat women just aren't sexy.

Say what now? Bigger women tend to have bigger assets, like breasts and butt, so why wouldn't they want more than handful? Can't handle the challenge? Also, a part of a woman's sex appeal is her confidence, so if she finds the right lingerie to fall freely from her curves or hug them, as the case may be, you will find that they would want to join in on that unique experience in no time.

- Full-figured women make for good cuddle mates.

Isn't that the truth? Particularly during cold times, a 'fluffy' woman knows how to keep a man warm with her hugs.

- Plus-sized women tend to be nice

The reason for this is that full-figured women often have a hard time elsewhere; they will celebrate having a good man by their side and stroke his egos whenever he needs it.

- Tighter in grip.

This myth has been debated time and time again, with many men claiming that bigger women have a tighter grip. Well, you know what they say: you can't know unless you go.