Sun | Sep 24, 2017

Fat girl problems

Published:Monday | April 10, 2017 | 4:00 AM

"You're pretty, for a fat girl." This is just one of the many problems fat girls face on a daily basis. So let's address some of these challenges, shall we?

Shopping is always an issue.

You can hardly find clothes our size, and when you do, they are often not stylish enough. Thankfully, plus-sized designers are emerging and capitalising on this rich niche market. Not all sizes are created equal.

From XL-3XL, your clothes sizes will differ, depending on the brand, which makes purchasing clothes problematic for the full-figured buyer.

Plus-sized models look nothing like plus-sized women.

The comparison has caused quite a controversy, since full-figured women believed that they aren't being portrayed in a realistic light. Models may seem either a bit chubby or just not slim. But, hey, skinnier models look anorexic, and that's not a true depiction of slim women either. So that's a losing battle.

Food is not our best friend.

Contrary to what many might believe, not all fat women love to eat foods that are bad for you. In fact, quite a few enjoy vegetarian dishes and drink water daily. But of course, once you step into a fast-food restaurant as a fat woman, you're automatically judged based on size and sometimes ridiculed for being there.


You experience constant name change. From 'My size' to 'Champion', and of course the obvious, Fatty, men in our society are not afraid to call to a big woman he sees and likes. It becomes annoying because these men tend to be grotesque in demeanour and should stay to themselves.

Fat women aren't fit, they're lazy.

This really depends on the individual. There are really lazy skinny women and there are active fluffy women who are always on the go.

Leg-rubbing is our worst enemy.

Who feels this, knows this. Worse if your knees are 'knocked' when you're fat. It comes with a dark discolouration and it's just not an attractive feature to have.

Throwing a pity party in your 'favour'.

Individuals, most times friends, tend to throw pity parties for bigger women, especially when they are smaller in body. That's like adding insult to injury. Bigger women already don't have it easy, so there's no need for that.

Passing remarks.

When people, especially older folk, decide to pass remarks about a woman's weight, like they know it all. Why is your weight a bother to them again? You can lose the weight, if you truly wanted to. It's hard for people to stop being ugly and mean, so pay them no mind.

Blame game reaching parent.

This is specific for girls growing up. The parents tend to get the blame for a girl being fat, saying things like, "What are you feeding her?", among other comments. This could have a scarring effect on the girl, if the parent(s) decide to do damage control like putting you on a strict diet, in order to save face.