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Meet our Xaymaca Babe .... Davina Laylor

Published:Monday | April 10, 2017 | 12:03 AM
Davina Laylor Yoga Profile
Davina Laylor Yoga Profile
Davina Laylor Yoga Profile
Davina Laylor

There is no carnival without women. We love to see them on the road in their beautiful costumes representing their inner 'Lucy'.

The Gleaner has partnered with Xaymaca International to give you the best of Carnival in Jamaica for 2017.

Meet our Xaymaca Babe Davina Laylor who will be front and centre on road march day, on April 23.

Tell us 5 words to describe you?

Spontaneous, sporty, beautiful, organic and funny.

How did you get into soca/carnival?

I always liked soca music, but my love grew when I hosted The Gleaner's Road to Carnival campaign two years ago. That experience saw me attending parties and listening to more of the music. I fell in love and now I'm a true soca lover. I played mas on the road in 2016 and it was awesome.

What's your favourite soca song why?

I really like Machel Montano's Pop ah Bottle. For a long time my favourite was Roll it Gal by Alison Hinds. And I also like Lucy by Destra Garcia.

How hyped are you for the Xaymaca International experience?

I'm looking forward to the vibe and the people on the road. Xaymaca is a new and fresh band and I believe that they have the right formula for carnival lovers. I'm expecting an awesome time.

Your advice to a first-timer on the road?

Ladies, make sure you break in your shoes before you go on the road. Your feet will thank you.