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Published:Monday | April 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Dania Beckford Broadtail Designs
Rogue without mesh back
Rogue without mesh side view
Rogue Front Mesh
Rogue Without Mesh

With songs like Mr Killa's Rolly Polly, Kerwin du Bois' Too real and Faye-Ann Lyons' Heavy T Bumpa taking us as far back as 2009, there is little doubt of the full-figured woman's place on that glorious day when revellers take over the streets.

Gone are the days when alterations or a T-shirt band were the only options. Dania Beckford of BroadTail Designs has crafted pieces to complement and accentuate the curves and intricacies of the full-figured woman, and is led by the belief that "all bodies are carnival bodies".

"BroadTail Designs, through our 'Rogue' costume, is showing that full-figured women can look sexy on the road as they have fun like any other woman of any other size on the road," said Beckford.

"Carnival is about celebrating life and the body that carries you through life, and with BroadTail Designs full-figured bodies will be gazed upon and celebrated on road march day (April 23)," she added.

A first-timer, Beckford is dedicated to providing suitable options for the curvy reveller.




"Since the launch of the Xaymaca International carnival band in January of this year, the BroadTail Rogue costume, that is also marketed by Skkan Media, has really created a stir with many females showing appreciation to be able to wear a costume that fits their bodies and is sexy at the same time," said Beckford.

This is more than just money for Beckford, it's personal.

"If it were simply a moneymaking venture, we would just make swimsuits and be in all stores; if it were a moneymaking thing, we could be predictable and just make cute shorts and T-shirts for plus-size masqueraders," said the designer.

Beckford credits Xaymaca International for being bold enough to have a section for full-figured women in their band. Women, she says, are excited to play mas in BroadTail. As result, the section is now sold out.

"Feedback has been great, the BroadTail 'Rogue' Section, as well as the Xaymaca International band are sold out! We have masqueraders from all across the region who have signed up for the section, who have voiced that they are thrilled to have a design that caters to their curves and their very broad tails!" said Beckford.