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Skinny girls can't catch a break

Published:Tuesday | April 4, 2017 | 9:55 PM

It doesn't matter the shape of their bodies, the overall size of their physique, their skin colour or ethnicity, I love all women.

Even though I don't have the best of luck with the ladies, I don't think I have a 'type'.

I've heard some guys talking about they only date this type of woman or that type of woman. To paraphrase a comedian named Honest John, I ain't never had it so good that I can pick and choose.

I realise I no longer look at a woman and say she's too big, or too thin or too brown or whatever. All women are beautiful, period!


Now, when the exercise craze first kicked in, some people felt 'thin was in'. There was a time when advertisers and other influencers made many women who were perfectly fine, think they were blimps.

But over the years there has been this move for women to embrace their curviness. I'm all for it. But sometimes I wonder if the women on the skinnier side aren't a little jealous by now.

Big bodied women like Miss Kitty have taken the plus-size acceptance mentality to huge (no pun intended) levels.

But it feels like the big girl movement was long under way. Think about it. Leroy Sibbles told the world he wants a "fat girl tonight" a few decades now.

Forward to the current dancehall arena and newcomer Style X gave us his rationale for loving his fatty (the video by the way is hilarious).

Even in the soca realm Mr Killa said he wanted a fat gal, "a rolly polly" to be exact. And Kerwin DuBois told a partygoer that her bumper was "too real".

It's clear the time of 'sister big bones' (which is actually the title of a song by Anthony Hamilton) is clearly at hand.

Culturally, there are many countries where the people still believe that if a woman weighs below a certain weight, she's unhealthy.

And if I may go 'back', pun intended, you ever notice the fascination with a big bumper?

"My woman must have big bottom" many a man has declared perhaps a tad too loudly. Why? They (the men) need something to "hang on to".

Didn't know the lady was a bus, although even I can grasp the concept of 'riding'.

But I wonder if the smaller bodied women might want a refund from the DNA store.

Think about it. They've had their own songs too, but they haven't been very flattering. Remember "all mawga gyal, Red Dragon have a new name fi dem, cru crum crum!" Very unkind.

Although Powerman sang "slim and trim and nuh haffi go a gym" he was speaking about those women who were naturally thin.

The important thing to remember for all my svelte senoritas is that even if you're never going to win a heavyweight contest, you do have 'shape'.

A few squats in the gym here, an extra scoop of ice cream there and you'll be fine. But if you don't feel like trying to get bigger, don't!

As long as you have the XX chromosome, you're beautiful to me.

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