Sun | Aug 20, 2017

We Doh Business: Memories of Soca

Published:Monday | April 24, 2017 | 4:00 AM

This year's carnival season just closed its curtains, but I'm sure the bands are still jammin' to the sweet soca beats.

So in keeping with the spirit of merriment, we asked a few of our readers to chip down memory lane, and share with Flair their most memorable mas moment.

My favourite memory would have to be I Love Soca 2016! That cooler fete was so lit that we spent another half an hour back, singing and dancing. My crew even began climbing road signs. I will never listen to the song 'Party Done' the same way again either, because that became the anthem at the end of the party.

- D. A., female

My favourite soca moment was when I attempted to challenge Machel Montano's dancers at Lime J'Ouvert a few years ago. He underestimated my dancing capabilities and even mocked how I went on the stage, questioning what I would be bringing to the table.

Well, he, his dancers and the crowd were surprised by the performance. He even lifted me up on stage dream come true! We went on the road and I saw him and took photos with him. And later, someone told me he did an interview and said Jamaica has the soca title: he was a good sport! And it was so much fun!

- K.A., female

One of my first real memories of soca was being at Soca Brainwash and Beach House Cooler Fete at Trinidad Carnival in 2014. It was amazing with good people. At Beach House, my friends took a kitchen step ladder to sit on. Eventually, we were wining on the ladder and anyone who wanted to get on the ladder to see the stage had to pay a wining toll.

- J. R, male

I loved when Dono was playing at Carnival Rewind at Hope Gardens and we all got there super early and stood right at the front to support. And he was shelling! This was about three years ago.

- S.C., female

UWI Carnival 2003 when I was the CEAC. I saw the evolution of UWI carnival and it was a beauty to watch.

- M. C, male

My first J'Ouvert when the song Vagabonds came out and he came to Barbados, and I ended up on the stage with all my friends with just music, dance and paint.

- M.A., female

Going to watch Road March with my mother by Devon House every year since I was 3 or 4 years old are my favourite soca memories.

- D.E., male.

My favourite carnival memory was in 2015, when my crew and I stood on the side of the road while Bacchanal Road March passed by. We stayed by Jojo's and partied until the revellers came by, then we partied a little bit more. It was the best time ever.

- T. C, female