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Sassy Mommies

Published:Monday | May 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The beautiful Sara Lawrence was a breath of fresh air in her tropical oasis.
Melanie Schwapps, perfect mother, friend and companion; the one who keeps everything together.
Yaneek Page
Nicole Mclaren Campbell
Regina McCallum

Who says mothers should wear baggy clothes with their hair pulled back in a ponytail?Well, not these mommies. Flair takes you into the closets of these fine women, also giving a taste of their mommy experiences.

* Regina McCallum - Television Producer/media personality/Miss Jamaica World 2001

Most embarrassing mommy moment

My 'Mom'ent would probably be more embarrassing for Gio if he reads this. But there was a time long ago when he felt as though all breasts were created equal. I breastfed for most of his first year and he had a bad habit of squeezing other women's breast when they held him. Luckily, the women found the humour but I bashfully smiled each time responding with a "They say breast is best, right?"

Best and hardest thing about being a mom is that it is forever. I love the fact that I am in the best position to care for and show love and guidance to a life for a lifetime. But, it also means that regardless of how hard a time, my Gio always comes first. Thank God for grandmas and step-parents that are always there to help. At the end of the day, Gio is MY responsibility and being his mother has allowed me to become the best that I can be. I've become stronger than ever and I thank God for blessing me with this opportunity.

Funniest pickup line:

I had a gentleman once tell me that I reminded him of a cow. After seeing my facial reaction, he further explained that he meant I looked nurturing and that cows provide milk and that I look like a great provider ... of milk... for his .. unborn child. Yikes right!

* Nicole McClaren Campbell - Co-founder of AIM Educational Services/Author/ Motivational Speaker

One of the most embarrassing mommy moment:

I once had to breastfeed in airport and everyone was staring at me, thinking it was gross, but I really had no choice so I did what I had to.

Best and hardest thing about being a mom

The best thing are the moments when I can just soak them up, revel in the world through their eyes, watch them perform and compete, experience new things with them and just be rejuvenated and refreshed by their unspoiled sense of fearlessness, wonder, awe and joy.

Hardest thing about being a mom is just ensuring that I get the most of the best as I can - the quality time so that each child feels loved, secure and confident and I feel satisfied that I've done my best. Then being satisfied that my best will be good enough! Not easy!

Funniest pickup line:

I haven't been picked up in a long time.

* Dr Sara Grace Lawrence - Medical doctor, host of Doctor's Appointment, Miss Jamaica World 2006

Most embarrassing mommy moment

One Easter Sunday when Zach was about one year old, I took him to a church where the women wore little crochet pieces in their hair. For some reason, I was very into the service I didn't notice the sneaky little boy stripped every woman in the row in front of us of their headwear. I realised when he tried to snatch one that was securely pinned down with a hairpin and when the woman was startled and made a noise and the entire church looked around to see my child and a pile of crochet headpieces frolicking on the floor. I just scooped them up in shame and started to distribute to the respective owners.

The best and hardest thing about being a mom:

Best and hardest are intertwined for me. I had my son three days before starting medical school, and though it may have been hard to press through no breaks and very little sleep, the best thing is knowing that you have a little human depending on you. Depending on your success, on your happiness, on the very best of you! This has been my motivation in every single thing I have done since his birth.

Funniest pickup line:

One day I was heading out to the beach with Zach and I had on a midriff top. In an attempt to compliment me, a man turned to me and said, "Mi would just love fi get to know you, mi love how you belly nah mark mark" *confused face* I'm going to say that is the most bizarre pickup line/ pseudo compliment in life.

* Melanie Schwapp, author; small garden landscaper

Most embarrassing mommy moment

While our children were growing up, we encouraged them to feel comfortable to ask us anything. However, what we found difficult to teach them was that there was a time and place to ask certain questions. One such time was when I was in mid-coversation with a short man who was wearing a speedo swimsuit. My son walked up, patted my leg and with wide, curious eyes asked, "Mommy, why is he so little?" I was so embarrassed that I raised my voice in conversation with the man, hoping to drown out my son's questioning. With relief I realised that the man had not heard, so I finally stopped speaking. As if waiting for the silence, my son blurted again, "And why is he wearing a panty?" If I could have jumped into the sea and swam to Cuba, I would have.

Best thing about being a mom:

The best thing about being a mom is seeing the values and beliefs you stressed in raising your children reflected in their lives as they become adults. The hardest thing is to change your parenting technique as they become young adults, changing from a hands-on protector to a sideline cheerleader. It is the most difficult thing to watch your children making mistakes, but to learn not to interfere as it is through these errors they learn to navigate the challenges of life.

Funniest pickup line:

The funniest pickup line was from my husband 27 years ago. When I first met him, I didn't quite take to his very outspoken manner (I didn't like him much, and vice versa). Anyway, we somehow always ended up standing beside each other. At one party, he turned my cousin and said, "Why does your cousin always look like someone squeezed lime in her face?" Then he turned to me and asked me to dance. In my effort to prove that I was NOT sour, I danced with him ... and the story ended with us engaged six months later. Needless to say, he'd used some serious reversed psychology on me.

* Yaneek Page, managing director, Future Services International

Most embarrassing mommy moment: The police officer was in the process of handing back my car documents after a routine spot check when he asked if I had a card because he wanted to contact me in the future. Before I could respond my then 8-year-old son, who was in the passenger seat, said "No. I think you're trying to take away my daddy's wife," before winding up the window in the policeman's face.

Best about being a mom: Everything! It warms my heart when my sons say, "How are you feeling, Queen?" I feel so abundantly blessed to be their mom.

Hardest: Managing a full-time career with the more important full-time job that is motherhood.

Funniest pickup line: Baby, you look like an angel but I swear yuh a go mek me sin.