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Kelly's World | No sah, we can't tek no more rain

Published:Monday | May 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Flooding in Douglas Castle, Clarendon.

Hopefully, by now you've recovered from the heavy rains and flooding that affected the island last week.

Hopefully, you're not a resident of St Catherine, Clarendon or any other parish where good good yards became mud pools and where already ugly roads became even less beautiful.

If your car was among those swimming through the community because floodwaters literally swept it off its tyres, my condolences.

The good thing is there was no loss of life, although Mother Nature sure tried her best to take a few people to a watery grave.

But there are a few things that bothered me from the whole rainy weather.

One was the fact we still have to be telling people the obvious things like don't try to cross flooded fords or drive along flooded streets.




Seriously, how many times are we going to have to go over that? Even if you've never seen video footage of a car being washed away in a gully, surely common sense (which I fear is not very common) would tell you not to take on heavy water.

But no, someone is always trying to prove their car/SUV is indestructible, often with disastrous results.

Another thing that annoyed me (even though it was kinda hilarious at the same time) was the various television interviews with residents of the various communities that were affected.

I don't expect everyone to speak the Queen's English. But better yuh jus gi wi di good ol' Patois and done.

So when you try to talk 'properly' and end up murdering the English language as a result, it kinda makes people forget the issue you were talking about in the first place.

However, the thing that bothered me the most about the whole thing was that this wasn't even a hurricane or tropical storm.

This was a 'regular' trough in the vicinity of the island, and yet we got more rain than we could handle.

Bridges became boats (or were blocked with debris) and residents were marooned just like that.

So with the infrastructure being what it's like now, imagine if we get, let's say a Category Four hurricane. Dawg nyameth our supper!

Still, I take heart from a few things. One, people were literally carrying their children on their backs to get them to school so they could do their exams.

It was also good to see the emergency personnel in action, saving lives and showing that dem get good training. A some movie ting dem deh!

But we have got to get our act together as it relates to our environment. And I'm not talking about local government. Yes, there is plenty of work to be done by our officials, but we the citizens nah help.

People especially need to stop dumping garbage in gullies, which helps to flood our streets because the water has nowhere to go.

And while we want people to 'eat a food' and find somewhere to live, if they achieve that by undermining our hillsides, that's just a recipe for landslides. We need solutions.

Otherwise, same time next year, we'll be right back here saying "nobody cannot cross it".

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