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Risque Business

Published:Monday | May 22, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Are you nice is the question that immediately come to mind. But, at some time or another, we all want engage in a little 'risque business'.

What id the riskiest thing you have ever done?

While in college, I had sex once in an open classroom during exam season. One day, I was on hall and my boyfriend was at home. I was in the mood and lazy to meet him so he met me and we walked to a classroom. I turned on the ac and we thought we closed the door. But we didn't. Boy oh boy did we have fun that night! As soon as we left, some students walked in. M.A., Female

Getting my rifle cleaned while driving is the riskiest thing I've ever done. It was in traffic - bumper to bumper at that. Slow moving. Which is why there was a chance. So I had to focus on the car in front. I was looking in the rearview and noticed chatter from the car behind as the occupants could see what was going on. The car was not tinted enough. You know when it's good, your toes start to curl. And toes are needed to operate the gas pedal. So, we were coming to the stop light and I almost couldn't switch my foot to the brake pedal. I had to swerve unto the sidewalk as the twitch in my feet accidentally pressed the gas. I waved cars around for a bit until the feeling returned to my feet. The car behind was an older couple and the female passenger gave a corner-of-the-eye look of both jealousy and disgust. P.T., Male

I had sex on the banks of the Rio Cob re when I was a teenager. I think back on it now and say what a careless thing. We were young, so my boyfriend couldn't have stopped a soul if someone decided that they wanted to hurt us or rape me. We were out in the open so we were vulnerable. It was unwise, very risky but very fun. Kind.B., Female

I had sex with a girl in a vehicle parked up in the middle of a party when I had carried another girl to the exact event. The girl was checking me from before and she was under an inviting vibe, so when I told her to follow me back to the vehicle, she did just that, while the other girl continued dancing and raving with my friends. Still not sure if she did in fact missed me, but I enjoyed the party. D.E., Male.

I've never been pulled over by the police, but the first time I even had any encounter with them, I was getting it on in a vehicle on the side of the road just a stone's throw away from my home. When we saw the flashlight trying to get a view, we stopped moving. Luckily for us, the window were misty so they couldn't see. Once they blamed the shaking of the vehicle to a faulty car, which was the probably the reason it was 'abandoned', and went about their business laughing, we continued our own risque business.

Having sex on the beach side is the riskiest thing I have ever done. We were caught by a stranger. We didn't know who it was, but the closer the shadow, the more excited I became. We just continued under the moonlight until we were done. G.L., male