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DIY Jo | Loving Alikay Naturals

Published:Monday | June 5, 2017 | 12:02 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

When it comes to my hair, I must admit that I am very sceptical about products, but when Fontana Pharmacy decided to partner with this week's DIY Jo and I was asked to do a review of Alikay Naturals, I must say I was a bit more excited than expected.

The four products that I tried were their Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo, Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner, Creme Brulee Curling Delight and the Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner. My goal was to do a twistout, and I have to say, mission accomplished, the best twistout ever! But I will give you the low-down on each product.




The consistency of this appears to be watery. Do not judge that, it gives an extremely clean finish. I can tell you that of late I have been having severe eczema breakouts as I had tried something new that I believe I might be allergic to, and an increased level of stress made the flakes come. My scalp was stripped clean. The spout heads bottle allows you to apply shampoo directly to the scalp to ensure you get all the build up that you might miss trying to spread the shampoo with just your fingertips. They advised to rinse out with warm water, and it did work. I give it five stars.




For a deep conditioner, I must admit I usually look for something with more body, and the light texture was not something I was particularly keen on. But as directed, I parted my hair in four sections - spreading from root to tip - and immediately I could feel it softening. I covered it for 30 minutes then detangled. It was so easy to detangle. I would give it a four.




This is recommended for the wash and go but I decided to do a twistout with it. I followed the wash-and-go method as instructed on the container. Maintaining the same four sections and raking it through the hair evenly. Then apply the leave-in mentioned above. After that, I twisted my hair. I immediately saw my curl pattern activated and felt like this was a masterpiece waiting to happen. Yes, a little over the top but I was excited because I know my hair well and just from the feel I knew this was going to be good. I say four stars.




Although thick in the container, this leave-in seems a bit on the watery side when I sprayed it in my hair. There are a few leave-ins that leave my hair feeling soft but looking dead. NOT ALIKAY! The shine was real and I was proud. It sealed in the Creme Brulee and helped to enhance the look of my twists.




After leaving my hair to dry and loving the twists so wearing it for an extra day, it was time to pull it out. Best twistout ever. It was easy to just pull out. I further shingled and fluff the hair with minimal to no frizzing. There was only one issue - flaking. There was a bit of flaking to the front of my hair (Why I said four stars for me). Because the Creme Brulee has a gel like effect on my hair, I assume that was the problem. It was not much and I actually could shake out most by the next day, but there is a little DIY trick I learnt to prevent this. Use your favourite carrier oil to coat the hair before using any gel and it usually reduces the possibility of flaking. I also believe I went a little heavy at the front, because, truth be told, the back was not flaking.

Overall, I highly recommend Alikay Naturals, especially to those who might have eczema and need a gentle cleanser. You can get the entire line at all Fontana Pharmacy locations.