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Nice, easy and effortless looks

Published:Monday | June 5, 2017 | 12:01 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Brown is carefully applying eyeshadow.
Both Brown and Dennis are pleased with the look.
Dennis is finished and fabulous.

Having an effortless look is something that we all want to achieve when we are doing our make-up. Sherae Brown from Fontana Pharmacy, Ocho Rios, gave us a complete look from their L.A. Girl Line and tips on how to achieve this.

Starting with clean hands and clean skin, Brown notes that there is no wrong way of doing foundation but she prefers to do the eyebrows first. Using the L.A. Girl retractable brown pencil, she filled in the eyebrows.

While the spoolie end of the E.L.F. dual brush, also available at Fontana Pharmacy, was used to spread and blend the pencil in the brow evenly. Doing the brows first can actually work in our favour as we can use the concealer to clean up the edges. Using the L.A. Girl concealers, Brown blended and highlighted the eyebrows, then using the complementary shade on the matte eyeshadow palette to set the concealer. She added that once we use anything creamy or liquid on the skin you should always set with a powder.

The Pomi blending brush was then used in the creases for a subtle smokey eye. Then the pro concealer on the lids to fix any uneven edge. After applying the eyeliner and have it smoothed out with the smudge brush, she used a E.L.F hydrating face primer on the entire face, not only to help the make-up set but as a protective barrier between the foundation and the skin. Brown gave us a quick trick to keep matte for all the women whose skin is on the oily side - milk of magnesia. Allow it to dry and see your skin mattify. For full coverage, the concealer is used on the skin as a foundation.

The L.A. Girl Stobe Mineral oil powder was used to set the concealer. Finishing touches to the cheeks were added by GLAM palate for a blush be light contour. You cannot have a full face without perfect lips, and L.A. Girl has a wide range of lipsticks - matte and creamy - to appeal to every women. Brown use a nude shade to complete the day look and recommend you go bold if you want to transition the look into night.

The entire line of L.A. Girl and E.L.F brushes are available in Fontana Pharmacy, Ocho Rios.

- Model: Deniem Dennis

- Make-up artist: Sherae Brown, Fontana Pharmacy, Eight Rivers Town Centre

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