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Kelly's World | Meh, I'll just stick to cable

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM

I saw a story on TVJ last week where Palace Amusement was complaining about less revenue in part because of the bootleg DVD market.

It got me wondering just how much longer we're even going to have cinemas, considering how technology is moving these days.

Before I get to the DVDs, remember that so many people are more tech-savvy than a generation ago. So downloading and streaming movies is a cinch with the right equipment and know-how.

But at least we can argue those persons are downloading for their own personal use. Those who then sell it for profit, well, they are another matter.

I've seen so many bootleg DVDs with titles of movies that haven't even opened in Jamaica yet.

How we stay so, man? My bigger issue is that sometimes the movie has characters speaking a language other than English.

That's where the fun really begins as the subtitles are in Chinese, Arabic, or whatever the language of choice is in the country they got the link for the movie from.

Many times the quality, both sound and visual, is quite poor.

But I have to play devil's advocate for a little. About three years ago a friend took me to Carib 5 for my birthday.

Look yah nuh, counting snacks and everything, it was pushing somewhere in the region of $3,000.




A quick poll among my younger brethren informed me the prices today have gone a little further north since the last time I went.

So I sympathise (to a point) with those who think it's cheaper to just rent one of the aforementioned bootlegs, and hope you get one with good enough quality.

But I totally support Palace's position, however. There is the tendency to reason that the big companies make enough money, so a million here or there won't hurt.

But that kind of rule breaking and lawlessness is what has helped get Jamaica into its current mess.

But guess what? Cinemas may stick around for a while longer, considering they are still a good place for a group of friends to go out, relax, and just have fun.

Honestly, though, I'm not the biggest fan of cinemas anymore. As I continue to prepare (somewhat subconsciously) for life as a hermit, I've drifted away from them because I find I have more fun when I get to make comments about what's happening onscreen.

Mind you, it doesn't have to be loud for it to get on other's people's nerves. And if it's one thing I try very hard not to do is annoy my fellow humans.

So I'll just stay home and wait for the movies I really want to watch to show up.

Yes, by then I probably would have learnt the plot. And yes, at least with DVDs, you can pause and go to the bathroom or get something to eat without missing anything.

But look at it this way. In your own room, nobody can accuse you of sitting in their seat and you can answer your cell all you want. And that works for me quite fine.


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