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Sipping at Trident

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

The fantastic beaches, natural beauty, spectacular attraction sites and lush vegetation of Portland are not the only features that set the parish apart from the rest of Jamaica. The Trident Hotel, anchored in Port Antonio, the parish’s cool and scenic capital, is an extra factor. A visit to Trident’s bar is all you need. It’s the home of Miami Vice and the only place in the world you will find Smurf ­ two drinks, once tried, you can never resist.


Something different is what many of us ask for, and Smurf, a delicious Blue Curaçao cocktail, is the answer. With only a sip, Keston Forbes, a chirpy bartender and waiter at Trident, says it will instantly transform a dull second into a stunning “wow moment”.

Although he has been working at Trident for only six months, Forbes knows the power of this cocktail. Forbes hasn’t only tasted it, he created Smurf. “It’s a drink that I invented couple years ago. It’s very flavourful, light in alcohol and quite refreshing,” he said.

Topped off with the heavenly mood of the bar or the peaceful atmosphere by the seaside, depending on where you have your Smurf, the bursting zesty taste of the orange liquor dyed blue always soothes the mind.


Rainy days in Portland are the norm and chances are you may not want to get wet. But, “if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain”, Miami Vice is the perfect drink for you.

It’s exactly what you need for the hot summer, but not many persons are aware.

“It’s not very popular. We normally have guests asking for a pina coladas, strawberry daiquiri, strawberry pina colada or a strawberry-banana daiquiri,” Forbes explained.

A glass of Miami Vice with its layered, savoury coconut and sweet strawberry flavours, some creamy pina colada and completed with a little Blue Curaçao, will let you forget about all your worries.

Absolute elegance, a pleasant staff and hearty reception are always guaranteed when you stride into the Trident. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to experience paradise, knowing that “at Trident you are family and we give you a more unique and fancy type of service. Here you will get nothing but the best,” Forbes said.