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Sister Dawn spreading positive vibes

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 12:04 AM

Without uttering a word, the warm and captivating spirit of Sister Dawn pulls persons to her colourful shop in the Port Antonio Market in Portland. As you get closer, there is an immediate yearning to hear her story and the story behind the unique pieces in what physically is a small shop, but she describes as her big shop -as it has a lot of love and always has a positive vibe.

Sister Dawn is a Rastafarian, and so she believes in self reliance. “ I can do everything. I even do farming.” she proudly told the Flair.  The gifted matriarch makes and sells, jewelry, clothes and Jamaican paraphernalia. “ If u want a hundred of anything, you can get it here.” she shared as she knitted a baby’s blanket.  Though it is her means of survival, Sister Dawn doesn't see her daily activities as work. She enjoys it, and boasts that she has been doing these things ever since she came into her consciousness. In an effort to boost her production as well as pass on her skills, she teaches others and then employs them. She says she is able to teach anyone as she has different methods. “If I get someone who has a problem concentrating, I start them off with something like simple beading. That will help them to focus and then they can move on to other things.”

Even though she is an a parish visited by hundreds of tourists annually, she firmly states that she makes things for locals. “I am happy to see foreigners, but I love my Jamaicans. They support me on a daily basis.” she further explained while some the tourists find themselves in the market, majority of them visit Portland for the sites and scenes.

Preaching self-reliance, Sister Dawn posits that persons can find use for almost everything around them. She added that persons should not go hungry either with so much vegetation around. She encourages all to plant their own food and live well.