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Summer is not for adults

Published:Monday | July 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM

My, how times have changed!

When I was a teenager, particularly in my early teens, the summer holidays could not come fast enough.

I swear the last few weeks before summer vacation were the longest of the school year, bar none.

And once that bell sounded at about 2:40 p.m. or thereabouts on that final official day of school, man, I was like a pig in mud.

Now, unlike many of my classmates, I didn't have a visa, so I wasn't going to be flying out to 'Merica or any other part of the globe.

My thing for the summer was watching TV (even though I didn't have cable yet) until late, and getting up late the next morning; no 5 a.m. rising to go to school.

There were the trips to Hanover to hang out with relatives there, and then, of course, the good old family beach trip.

Summer. Was. It!

As I've got older though, the season has kinda been watered down for me, which is ironic because the summer days have got hotter over the years (yes, global warming exists).

At university, I kept wondering about how the upcoming school year would be even more difficult, and then the closer I got to finishing my degree, I then started to wonder about finding a job.

So when I was younger, my summers were used to forget my troubles. The older I got, summers only reminded me of the troubles to come. Smh

Now I've realised that summer isn't all it's cracked up to be at all, especially for parents. Think about it, they now have to find something to do with the children, who they've been able to avoid because they had this little thing called school to attend.

Now they may actually have to (gasp) spend time with their children. The horror!

Then, of course, some people will decide to travel. Great, except when the flight delays and lost-luggage issues hit you.

Oh, and by the way, everybody travels at the same time ('cause it's summer), so good luck in the competition for tickets and flights.

Some people say summer is the time to show off their new physique. Well, we've seen some of the 'summer bodies', and they need to be kept indoors.

You might argue that summer is the season for partying. Except that in Jamaica today, we party so much (aka too much) so time of year is really not an issue.

How about cell phone use? Nah, everyweh have WI-FI now so even the children are on their phones 24/7, even when they're not supposed to be using them.

So maybe summer is the season to hear the next big song. Ahm, not really. Since nobody really knows which song is the next big hit, I don't think we can say summer has a monopoly on 'big tunes'.

So summer is just another time of the year, nothing more.

And I feel it's even more overrated for us Jamaicans because, let's face it, sun hot all year round. Ho hum.

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