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The ugly truth about feeling beautiful

Published:Thursday | July 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Lyric Rochester
Lyric Rochester
Lyric Rochester
Lyric Rochester and her mother. Both walk the hill in Portmore in the mornings.

Two years ago, Lyric Rochester weighed more than 179 pounds. Today, she has lost more than 47 pounds. Her weight-loss journey, however, was not an easy feat. Rochester is a certified make-up artist, a trained and certified educator in the same field, a mother and a beauty blogger. In May 2015, after the birth of her son, Jonathan, Rochester weighed more than 192 pounds.

"I've never been that big in my life. My feet were swollen all the time. I was tired and I just felt uncomfortable," she said with a sigh.

"I've always had body issues. I tried everything. I did the BeyoncÈ diet with the cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lime. I did HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is a hormone produced during pregnancy. I used to drip that under my tongue. I did different teas to make me lose weight. I did everything except working out," she explained.

Ten months after the birth of her son, she lost more than 17 pounds and went down to 175 pounds. She got tired of the way she looked and decided she had to do something about it. This is where her weight-loss journey started.

"It started out by me just being uncomfortable, and for most people, they don't do anything until they are sick and tired of it or they are uncomfortable, and it's when you're at your sick and tired time; when you're at your uncomfortable time, that's when you say 'you know what, I'm gonna do something about it', and that's where I started," she said.

She started by jogging at a school field that was close to where she lives, and then she decided to go to the hill in Portmore. This she did two to three times per week.

The results of her changed behaviour started to manifest itself and she started to notice changes in her body.

"I noticed that my thighs were getting smaller. I noticed a lot of changes, and I even changed the way I ate," she said.




People often say that motivation doesn't last, that's why it's recommended daily. That's something Rochester needed to hear repeatedly. Soon after she had started her weight-loss journey, she stopped.

"I stopped for three months because I was tired of waking up in the mornings to go to the hill. I was tired if Jonathan grabs me back into my bed," she said.

Rochester explained that during that time she found herself trying to do little diet things to stay underweight and keep her body how she wanted it to look. At one point, she had stopped eating after 5 p.m. It was working and she was losing weight, but it's not something she said she would recommend.




But that's not where her crazy weight-loss sidetrack routine ended. She revealed that sometimes she would watch videos like 'Workout Clothing Haul', 'My Weight Loss Experience' and be inspired, but none of those videos were doing it for her.

Over a month ago, she decided to return to jogging at the hill. By the first week of her returning to her normal routine and adjusting her diet, she noticed her tummy was getting flatter.

"For me, weight loss is now a lifestyle. It's not just a fad. It's not just for me to get that five days to summer fit - it is my life now. I had to motivate myself by just getting up and doing it," she said.




In May 2016, she moved from 179 to158 pounds. Since starting her journey in March 2016, she said she has now become more knowledgeable about nutrition, weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance.

"Nutrients play a really big role. It's not just about cutting calories. It's about intaking the right amount of fibre. Taking the right amount of fats in your diet as well," she explained.