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You're the one

Published:Thursday | July 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

"Yes, she's the one," or "Omg, he's the one!" How do you really know? See if these tips could possibly guide you to I Do, and beyond:


You share similar interests


Nothing screams forever more than when you and your lover share similar interests. Into movies? Make date night around checking out the latest film. Or take amazingly steamy vacations you can have together if you're both into relaxing and travelling.


You are yourself



around each other


If you can completely be yourself around your love, and they can be themselves around you, and you're both still madly in love with each other, flaws and all, then there's no question: you've found the one.


You actually see a future with your partner


We're all about living in the now, but if you're already talking about the future, putting special plans in place, or you could see yourself down the line marrying your partner - with mutual intentions in sight of course - then what are you waiting for?


You can do nothing together and still enjoy each other's company


How many people can say that they can sit around doing nothing with their king and queen and still enjoy the silence, while in each other's company? This rare commodity should be cherished and treasured, all the way to happily ever after.


Sparks still fly


If he still gives you butterflies, or she still makes your heart race with each sway of her hips, after all those years, then that can only mean one thing: sparks are still soaring high in cloud nine with no intentions of falling.


Romance is still 'lit'


Finding romance is a beautiful thing. But you know what is more wonderful? Keeping the romance alive. So if date nights are still high on your to-do list, if you still have the hots for each other and will get it in, no matter the time or the place. Or if you still receive or buy awesome gifts, for no particular reason, if you still say 'I miss you', 'I love you' or 'You've had a bad day, let me make it better' with sentimental treats, or even better experience this from your love, then you've hit the jackpot when it comes to matters of the heart.


You think about your partner first


It's almost natural for us to think of ourselves first, after all, we're human. But you know you're in love when you think of him or her first, before you think of yourself. It means that you hold your partner in such high regard that they've become a significant part of you and your being.


Arguments are resolved


It's hard to avoid arguments in relationships. It definitely doesn't help to sweep them under the rug and hope for peace of mind. If you find that conflicts are resolved in a timely manner in your union, then you have achieved the almost impossible, and you are perfectly paired.


You're both friends and lovers


If you're both friends and lovers and switch seamlessly between the two, depending on the location and situation, then you've earned your spot in the VIP section of the heart.


You motivate each other


The greatest thing about love is wanting the very best out of each other. So if he motivated you to become a better person. If she supports your hopes and dreams. If you're both living in the Bonnie and Clyde lane, then in no time, you'll be building an incredible empire and be by your other's side to celebrate and reward those triumphs.


Living together becomes an option


They say seeing someone and living with them are two very different things. So if you see yourself talking about crossing that bridge or actually making that stroll together, and don't want to kill each other after exposing old habits, then cheers to a long and lasting love.