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Kelly's World | Geezam, we couldn't did win di match man!

Published:Thursday | July 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Yea, yea, I know Jamaica didn't win the Gold Cup and yea, yea, I know the match was last Wednesday.

But me still vex. Vex bad! Mi neva join US embassy line yet and a now dem nah go gi me.

I don't like losing to the US in anything. But it feels worse when it's in football.

Not sure why that is. Maybe it's because football, or soccer as Uncle Sam's people call it, is not even the top sport there.

So it's like I always have this mentality that they're so good in so many other sports, dem mus can lef football to smaddy else.

But that's just the bad mind part of me talking. I was really hoping for a Reggae Boyz win.




I won't say I dreamed of Jamaica winning the title, but I had a feeling in my bones. Might have been early arthritis after all.

Shoulda known it wasn't going to be our day when first-choice keeper Andre Blake had to go off because of a hand injury. Ah well.

But I can't stop thinking. What if we'd won the game? Would we consider it bigger than when we went to the World Cup in 1998?

I know other people wouldn't consider it a bigger achievement. But I would. In fact, for me, it wouldn't be a question.

Let's take a random World Cup year. How about 1974? I wasn't even born then but I can tell you who won it (West Germany).

Can I tell you, without going on Google, which teams from this region qualified for the tournament? Nope. Not even close

It's one thing to qualify for a tournament; it's another thing to WIN a tournament.

If we had won, it would also be bigger because we would have won it with players who were all born and raised in Jamaica.

Now at the risk of sounding ungrateful for what the players of English-descent bring to the team, I just think it's nice to remind the public that we actually have local-born talent.

Some of us are quick to call for all sponsorship money to go to track and field. But these local guys, who have since gone on to represent club teams in the US and other countries, have demonstrated that the ballers still have a talent pool here.

The third thing that would have made this sweeter than France '98 is that we would have beaten both Mexico and the US to claim the trophy.

We have barely beat those two teams at all in our history, much less in the same competition.




That would have been the ultimate satisfaction. Jamaica would have been the kings of CONCACAF, even if the FIFA rankings tell a different story.

But alas, it wasn't to be. Such is life. Hopefully we can build on this. Well done guys!

Oh and by the way, Jordan Morris, the US player who scored the winning goal? You are now on my 'Not Helping You If I Pass You On The Road And You Need A Jumpstart' list.

And Jordan, nuff people on the list. So don't feel special!

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