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Men On a Mission: 'We Are One' Movement

Published:Thursday | July 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM
We Are One foundation.
We Are One foundation.
We Are One foundation.

The 'We are One' movement and lifestyle was born when four young men - Ricardo 'Big Pop' Rankine, Omar McPherson, Christopher Bell and Nyako 'Neako Fire' Sterling - came together in hopes of fighting crime and promoting unity and love amongst their fellow Jamaicans.

With the current state of violence in Jamaica, there is no better time for determined, talented men to step up and create a wave that will call Jamaicans to action.

"Our contribution to building a better Jamaica is using music to help motivate and encourage our people to communicate with each other and seek alternatives to violence. Not everyone can be a part of the JDF and JCF, so we come in the name of music," Public Relations Manager Omar McPherson told Flair.

The movement was created through Rankine's We are One track that was produced by Jamlinks Records and Echo One Productions and features recording artistes Turbulence and Singer J.

Coming to him in a dream, the DJ explains that although he is known for his gimmicks, there is a time and place for everything and this is the time to give people what they need and not so much of what they want.

"The country needs this right now, so we're pushing it in their faces."

The song that embraces the strength in the Jamaican people, urges Jamaicans to communicate through love, use unity to purge the communities, and hold the faith in tough times. In their commitment to spread the message of unity across the island, the team of men have already made an appearance at the George Headley Primary in Kingston, Mahoe Drive, Spanish Town, Black River Day and has been booked to perform on Emancipation day at the Kitson Town All-Age School.


Joining the movement


This is just the beginning of their work as the team hopes to have not only the Jamaica Constabulary Force on board but the Ministry of National Security to make it a nationwide movement. They will also see corporate organisations and artistes joining the team.

'We are one' is not just a song or campaign the team explained, it is a lifestyle. And in building the brand and allowing Jamaica to be part of the lifestyle, the team has created and designed T-shirts, cups, arm bands, and bumper stickers for sale.

There is no better way to stand for Brand Jamaica than to join the movement and lifestyle that uses music, talent, and art to promote peace among the people of Jamaica.

Take a listen to the life-changing song at:


To purchase merchandise or find out more on the team, call:

Jamlinks Records

(876) 344-6455 or (876) 360-7003.