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Orandy Smith: In the business of transformation

Published:Wednesday | July 26, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Orandy Smith, Virtual Personal Trainer.
Orandy Smith, Virtual Personal Trainer.

We are always looking for a way to reinvent and transform ourselves but when we are talking about metamorphosis, Orandy Smith made a full physical transformation and is now helping others do the same with Orandy Fitness.

Smith had been going to the gym for years, not trying to accomplish weight loss, but actually bulking up with impeccable results. However, while going to gym and seeing others work out month after month with no results, he developed a genuine concern for his gym buddies. He knew that there were a few misconceptions and even false teachings that resulted in their lack of results. Smith strongly believed and proved for himself that a few months with a personal trainer would yield results. It was through his own transformation and that of his wife, Stephanie, and friends that he realised that he should perhaps treat this as a business venture.

It took a lot of research and practice before he believed that he found the right formula. He started Orandy Fitness on June 1, 2016 and never turned back.




Smith believes in discipline and the first thing he tells his prospective clients is, "If this isn't something that you really want and are willing to work hard for, don't even waste your time or mine. This is hard work and it will take discipline and sacrifice if you are not willing to give that, let's not start."

This is not something that he only passes on to his clients, but he also lives by example. He started his fitness plan in 2011 at 135 pounds and now weighs a muscular 190 pounds. Smith even entered his first bodybuilding competition this year where he placed sixth. While he tries to motivate his clients, they do help him to maintain his fitness regimen as he knows that they are looking up to him.

It is not an easy feat because there are clients who come in with their doubts. So he has to mould their minds before even going to their bodies. But he has to admit that there is no greater feeling than seeing the joy on their faces when they have reached their target weight. However, he will count as his greatest achievement that on the one year anniversary of Orandy Fitness the combined loss of his clients came to 2,000 pounds.

Smith credits part of his success to his previous entrepreneurial venture in Orandy Accessories. This is an online store where women can get all their beauty supplies and accessories. He tells Flair that this taught him the pros and cons of promotion and marketing.

As it pertains to his goals as a fitness trainer, Smith hopes to become the first name on the lips of Jamaicans when they think about body transformation.