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The beauty of Jamrock

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Coddette Scott Jamaica nails.
Coddette Scott Jamaica nails.
Diabo Jamaica 55 make-up.
Diabo Jamaica 55 make-up.
Diabo Jamaica 55 make-up.
Diabo Jamaica 55 make-up.
Diabo Jamaica 55 make-up.

So this time around, why not celebrate the season by painting the town red with glitz and glam, dolling up your wardrobe with nails and make-up designed with Jamrock in mind.

Flair enlisted the expertise of nail technician Coddette Scott and make-up artist Nicolina Diabo.

According to Scott, her designs are a reflection of her vibrant culture. "The black replicates my strength because I am a strong black woman, the yellow speaks of the sunshine that my kids bring to my life each day I wake, and the green represents the luscious greenery of the land that we love so much. Overall, it emulates my pride as a Jamaican."

While for Diabo, Jamaica celebrating 55 years, she felt proud to join in on the festivities, paying homage to her country which she holds so dear to her heart. "I saw an art piece where someone created a 3-D look of their heart coming out of their chest. Since home is where the heart is, I decided to paint the Jamaican flag on my chest, to show my appreciation. 'I'm born Jamaican, proud Jamaican'." She also focuses on the lips, so that you will feel the love of Jamaica with just one kiss.

"You can't talk about Jamaica and leave out reggae," Diabo highlighted. So that inspired her third look, playing up on the daring red, among the green and gold, in the eyes.

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