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DIY Jo | Independence beauty picks

Published:Wednesday | August 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM

As a people, there are numerous accomplishments to celebrate for the last 55 years. Jamaicans have managed to not only stand out but to rise above challenges to rival and even beat larger nations. Noteworthy is the fact that Jamaicans have found ways to tap into and make a significant impact in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

We cannot mention local beauty brands without calling out Ettenio. Though I will admit this is not a brand that I use, it is one of the brands that has evolved and managed to stand on its own. What started out as a haircare line that was supposed to target healthy haircare without the overload of chemicals has turned into a full-fledged beauty line that now has skincare products such as body butter, facial cleansers, and even their castile soap that is gentle enough to be used on your little tots. Congrats, Ettenio!

Now I move on to my personal local favourites.


Asherlee Naturals Twist and Define Cream


As a proud naturalista, I do enjoy having my hair out. In fact, a twist-out is my favourite style, but I tend to give my hair a break on occasion because I am fearful of split ends. I have tried many hair butters to achieve my twist-out. Some were just fragrance and would have me wanting to wash the scent out because it just aggravated my sinusitis. While some were too light for my hair and others left a residue. I must admit I found a few great ones as well, and one of the best is Asherlee Naturals Twist and Define Cream. It has a mild, pleasant scent and it holds a twist-out. I do not retwist every night, I have no time for that, plus, I single my twist-out for volume and it held up without any residue or build-up for days - no crisp feel either.


No Loss Foods Jamaican Black Castor Oil


I love to go organic, so, of course, I had to throw in something natural on this list. There are many Jamaican Black Castor Oil products that are on counters and in stores but not all are authentic or unprocessed. This particular brand of castor oil is cold-pressed and it is the real deal. While the scent might not be the greatest (and if your castor oil smells nice it is not castor oil) I see a remarkable difference in my hair since I have started using it in my hair. There is one other local brand that I will also like to applaud, Shavuot and Earth Elements also has their own.


Witch Hazel


Benjamins was my first exposure to witch hazel. It is a godsend. I use it in everything and for everything, but the one thing that I use it for mostly is a toner. It is perfect to use after you have cleansed your face and want to ensure all the make-up is removed. It helps to even your skin tone and fights against acne without triggering your eczema if you have combination skin like myself. Earth Elements also has their very own and it is just as effective. I can't choose which is best, I will just say get one.


Face by Shana - Amber Glow Bronzer


I am not one that always wears make-up, and even if I do, it is not a production. A little powder and a great gloss or stain are all I usually need. I cannot contour, and to be honest, I am not sure if I will ever learn. But I got exposed to Face by Shana's Amber glow highlighter. I have since tried a few brands just to compare, and while they have some good ones, none gives that Shana glow. I am never out of it. I call it my date and girls night highlighter, too fabulous for everyday use.


Lippies by Shana Lip Gloss


Shana is known for her waterproof lip stains. Her boss chick is a big hit when it comes to red as it works for every skin tone. But for me, it is her gloss that I love. The day I discovered lip glosses was the best day. The moisture is long-lasting, even when you eat. All my other glosses have been neglected.




-Earth Elements

While they sell local and international products, I will admit that they sell organic skin and haircare products that are also local. It is a one-stop shop for beauty.

Happy Independence Day, and buy Jamaica.