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Salute the erotic fruit

Published:Monday | August 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

There's nothing like tasty fruit to bring out the right sweetness out of a man. Just ask Dina from Girls Trip: she showcased her palatable prowess using a banana and grapefruit. So, it's time to tell your lady love to ditch the chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and tap into a healthier side of life with your 'banana'. Let's make a salute to the erotic fruit.




Small in size, grapes are packed with rich, refreshing flavour. And with one bite in the right spot on the banana, you will be sure to erupt in excitement. To amp up the sensual notes, she can freeze them beforehand to send chills up and down your spine.




As far as bedroom fruits go, strawberries are a sensual stable. Slice them up into bite size and have her paint your 'banana' as red as you want her to.




Next in line as a sensual staple - cherries. She can pick any cherry she likes and have it her way with your banana. Also, if she's able to tie a cherry stem with her tongue, then you can guaranteed that she will apply the same technique when eating your banana.




Ignite his passion with passion fruit. It's not a very popular fruit, but when combined with his banana, the seed-to-seed ratio is out of this world, and fusing the sour with his sweet, that's definitely a hard combination to beat.




This fruit can surprisingly be used in a creative way. Its juices can revive the greatness out of just about any banana. Just in case you're still not sure of its capabilities, check out Girls Trip for a direct reference.




They associate pineapples with the female but it can be just as exciting on a male. Create your own sundae and let the pineapple be the perfect topping to his banana.




While this was a forbidden fruit for Adam to eat, I'm sure it's totally fine now for Eve to eat the fruit off of Adam. Bring his banana into seductive play with sweet apples and he'll be screaming glory in no time.




Stimulate his insatiable desire and incorporate dripping mouth-watering melon with his banana. It'll be sure to either cool down or turn up the heat, as the case may be. And that way, she will know for sure if it will be smooth sailing or if she'll be riding high waves to his shoreline.




The sweeter the fruit, the sweeter the pleasure. So why not have her tap into your inner sweetness with one of the sweetest fruit around - mango. Have her invite 'Julie' into the mix. Now, there's a threesome she can't turn down for sure.




You've heard of peaches and cream, right? Well, have her get that peach and put it to exotic use in his banana, so that she can bring the cream to light.