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All hail Tremayne

Published:Wednesday | September 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM
André Mangue (left) makes his own personal contribution, along with his friends, to Renaldo Reynolds (centre) and Tremayne Brown at The Pub last Wednesday.
The man behind this charitable endeavour and owner of The Pub, Howard McIntosh (right), shares the lens with the hero Tremayne Brown (left) and the lucky young man, Renaldo Reynolds.
Tremayne Brown (left) and Renaldo Reynolds have some small talk with Chrystal Wong, trainer at Aquaworx, after receiving a gift certificate from the company.

When owner of The Pub, Howard McIntosh, saw on social media the gallantry of Tremayne Brown, who jumped into the gully to save Renaldo Reynolds, he had to stretch forth to share with the hero who did something that he knew he could not do.

McIntosh remembered being at home on Sunday when he saw the viral video of Brown's heroic act. Instantly, he set out to find this young man. He posted on his social media a picture of Brown captioned, "His name is Tremayne Brown, just need his number now. Thanks to all my friends that are ready to show their respect to this hero."

He eventually got the contact from his friend, Sean Laidlaw, who found Brown for him. His friends appeared to be also motivated by this message. McIntosh also posted THE STAR's publications about Brown's story that requested persons to give back to Brown, informing individuals of his shirt and shoe size.

He started to receive calls asking about plans for the hero. On Wednesday, September 13, he hosted a gathering with individuals who wanted to give back to Brown as much as he did. McIntosh even had a little boy walk up to him in the supermarket and hand him $1,000 for Tremayne.

And he also advertised on his Instagram page. McIntosh allowed individuals to come and present Brown and the boy he saved - Reynolds, with something from the heart. The event was laid-back but the outpouring of kindness was anything but. More than 15 companies and individuals came to donate a token or kind. Sponsors included Aquawax, Pure National Ice, Ferdinand Trench, Baby Bop, Super Valu, Quality Incorporated, Little Springs, Wray & Nephew, Dream, Phase 3, Pita Grill, Select Brands,Value Gas, Adam and Eve Day Spa, KFC, Max Wireless Solutions, Jamaica Public Service, and friends AndrÈ Mangue and Antonie Duncan, who gave in cash and kind to both hero and survivor.

McIntosh was overwhelmed with gratitude for the support his friends showed to Brown because, admittedly, he does not believe that he would have been able to do the same. However, a hero should be rewarded and at this time in Jamaica, there is none greater than Tremayne Brown.