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The heart of meeting halfway

Published:Wednesday | September 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Being in love is bountiful and completely beautiful. But sometimes, shattering that majestic dream is a distracting reality of hustle and flow, which can sometimes get in the way of expressing that happiness shared between soulmates.

For this humanitarian issue of Flair Magazine, instead of complaining, let's turn the tables and see how best you can make some changes for your lover. Trade in complacency for compassion and volunteer your heart to your someone special by sacrificing your wants for your partner's needs. Here are eight ways you could go the extra mile in meeting your significant other halfway.




Timing is everything, and while you never know when he or she is available, there's absolutely no rush in sending love notes to your companion. Whenever you can, at random intervals throughout the day, share mood setting messages guaranteed to stroke his ego or stimulate her emotions.




Your boo is having the worst day, why not take back the night by giving him or her a change in scenery? It might be her favourite bistro or his favourite sports bar. Discuss the day if requested, or do the opposite over some wine or beer and see where the relaxing night leads you. Don't want to leave the house, no problem. Be the breathtaking view anyone would look forward to seeing by creating the peaceful haven he or she so rightfully deserve. Light scented candles, draw up a warm bath, cook delectable dinner, providing personal massage services - nothing says I love you more than a soothing rubdown!




Always the first to run off to bed? Offer to wash those dirty dishes, or fold the laundry. For your first mate, that may make for smooth sailing all the way into a peaceful paradise.




You love your children but being a parent is a full-time job, which means no breaks. Ease the pressure from stressed partner and show you care by handling daddy or mommy duties solo when your love is busy. Get the homework done and have them bathed, fed and in bed sleeping before mommy or daddy gets home. Then focus on couple's snuggles.




It could be through the stomach or straight from the heart, pick up a sentimental gift for your sweetheart that you know will cast away the frown and redeem his or her crown.




It would be amazing for your 'bae' to be able to share the details of his or her day without feeling like you're going to be annoyed or utterly bored by the conversation. Who knows? You might be able to give new insight on the matter, which can make all the difference is seeing the glass half-full, rather than half-empty.




If, for your spouse, having to work late at night means doing so in the comfort of the home, then deliver a tension-free environment that is dinner and drinks inclusive with quiet as an added bonus. Maybe just knowing that you're awake or around is all the motivation he or she will need to get the work done.




Demonstrating you care during the day can be manifested through candid check-ups composed via calls or texts to supply the lyrics and melody of support to your soundtrack of love. Sounds amazing, right? Try it and see for yourself.




The missing piece to your pleasure puzzle is all wrapped up in a lost romance. Tap into your adult explorer and begin your very own search-and-rescue party. Arrest your minds into the custody of seduction, cuff your way to a tantalising tour of the bodies before sentencing the yearning desires you both have for each other to life without parole in your heart and soul.