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From match to matrimony: The McIntyres

Published:Thursday | September 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The cutting and sharing of the cake is seen is a symbolic gesture, showing how the couple will take care of each other.
All is fair in the battle for lasting love.
The McIntyres.
Bachata anyone? Love, they say, is a lot like dancing: you can't help but surrender to the music.
The newly-weds seal their nuptial bliss with a kiss.
The McIntyres.
Cupid just got an upgrade from an arrow to a cannon of matrimonial love.

"I wasn't nervous until I heard the song playing for her to march in. Then I turned around and saw Marion coming towards me up the aisle. It was the most satisfying and beautiful sight I have ever seen. Just seeing the culmination of all those months of planning, with the sacrifices we had both made to be there and exchange unbreakable vows, I couldn't help but get emotional," Richard McIntyre shared when he came face to face with the beauty of his soulmate becoming a matrimonial reality.

Richard has known his lady love, Marion Waysome, for pretty much all of their lives. Their parents are friends and in the natural order, the two formed an amicable bond. Marion confessed, however, that even though her feelings for Richard were once strictly platonic, she always thought he was so handsome, physically appealing, she noted as she covered her face, and extremely talented. He plays several instruments and harmonises so well. It wasn't until eight years ago that they gave in to their brewing attraction and answered the amorous call. Their cupid courtship followed in quick succession.

The calm to his storm of misery, the poker face to her free spirit, the Edward to her Bella, time stood still for the two lovebirds who found themselves taking closer steps to connecting their love puzzle. "She's exceptionally caring, she's my calm side when I'm angry or miserable, she's alluring, beautifully spirited, kind-hearted. If she could, she would heal the world and make it a better place. Her laughter calms my soul and her presence takes me to a whole different world," Richard revealed.

While for Marion, although she admits that he can be miserable at times, his kinder, more caring and sweeter side outweighs all of that. "He values every single moment spent with me and never gets tired of having me around (at least not yet). He's fun, outgoing, talented and extremely hands-on and involved. I feel safe and protected when I'm with him. He dances very well - salsa, bachata, meringue - the works, and I've learned a lot from him since we've been together," she added.

Close to two years later, on October 8, 2016, Richard decided it was time to make their union official and proposed to Marion while she was out with friends at Regency Bar & Lounge, Terra Nova Hotel. "The funny thing is that he was around me for most of that day and I had no idea he had contacted my friends and was making plans to propose. A couple hours before I left to go out with the same friends, he had been texting them back and forth while I was also texting them. They orchestrated this surprised for me, and trust me, they got me good!"

When he came up behind me, I initially was wondering what bad thing had happened why he had to come and find me. But then he started talking and I heard how nervous his voice was, then I started seeing other familiar faces. I actually ran away screaming - reflex action to the shock, I guess. Then when he knelt down and opened the ring box. It was a resounding yes from me, and I swear my heart swelled up so big with love for him it could've popped," the excited bride recalled.




Richard and Marion kept the planning as personal as possible, making most of the bridal arrangements, with the help and support from both of their parents and a very close aunt. "We don't regret not having a planner. We did our own invitations and programmes. Richard's mom and aunt designed and sourced everything for the church decoration. Everything was planned and secured weeks before the wedding," Marion said.

On Saturday, July 1, 2017, Marion Waysome and Richard McIntyre went from match to holy matrimony among close family and friends at the Mandeville New Testament Church of God and reception at the Golf View Hotel.




The bride was a ruffled perfection of beauty and elegance as she walked to meet and marry the man of her dreams to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. "I looked up and saw Richard looking like he crawled right out of a Mills and Boons book and I just broke! It was absolute tears of nothing but sheer joy. I didn't bawl and weep, thank God, but the tears surely flowed and poor Richie started tearing up, too. When I stood before him, we just smiled at each other with tears in our eyes and said 'Hi'. It was beautiful," the bride gushed.

The atmosphere was light, filled with happiness and love. Bright, colourful and simply beautiful, the couple moved their nuptial bliss to the Golf View Hotel for the reception. "The ceremony was fun and we really enjoyed every single part of it. The chemistry between us was palpable. We talked to each other and laughed almost through Promise by Usher featuring Romeo Santos. That was definitely one of my most memorable moments. If we could do it all over again, we would. This is a memory that we will treasure forever," the newly-weds expressed.