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Falling for Charity - The Oroyo Eubanks Story

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Oroyo Eubanks
Oroyo Eubanks
Oroyo Eubanks - Graduation
Oroyo Eubanks


As a little boy born and raised in Fort George, St Ann, Oroyo Eubanks had big dreams of working in broadcast media, and while he got to live his dream, he found himself climbing to a more charitable end.

Eubanks will be moving to the United Kingdom to assume the role of communications manager for Chain of Hope International, where he will be working alongside the chief executive officer to manage the relationship of the charity with donors and supporters across the world. He will also be raising awareness of the work they do to help so many children suffering from heart disease in developing countries, and he is excited.

This was not what he had set out to do. He wanted to be like Roy Forrester, and also considered being a gospel singer and teacher. From an early age he showed promise, passing his Common Entrance Examination in grade five. This was Eubanks' fondest childhood memory.




"It was special because at the time I was the only grade-five student to pass from my school, and because I was so short and small my principal lift me on his shoulders in devotion so everyone could see me. After that it was one big celebration in my community," he told Flair.

He went on to Christiana High School and then Holmwood for sixth form. He pursued his bachelor's degree in marketing and international business from the University of Technology, and even went on to live his media dream, from Power 106 & Music 99FM to the Jamaica Information Service. He describes this experience as his greatest educator. But it was while doing his master's in media and development at the University of Westminster in London, on a Chevening Scholarship which he completed with a distinction, that he truly learnt how far communication could take him.

While studying in the United Kingdom, he learnt the effects of communication in development. He realised it drives progress and prosperity in small developing countries like ours through charitable organisations. He then came upon Chain of Hope after accepting an offer from then High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Aloun Assamba to cover their fundraising ball in London. He was impressed by the charitable organisation. Thus, he applied for a six-week internship with the organisation, which was without monetary compensation.

After completing his master's, he returned to Jamaica, working part-time with the charity and going on to take on the role of active executive director. He never saw himself working with charity, but now he found himself in a new love affair with it. Being for a worthy cause, it is something that is even more rewarding.

However, he is now heading once more to the UK, but this time it is not for school but to take on an even greater role, but this role will still have an impact on the place he will always call home - Jamaica.

"This role will see me focusing quite a lot on the work the charity does in Jamaica. I plan to use the opportunity to help children in Jamaica who are in need of live-saving heart surgeries but cannot afford it."

Eubanks has come a far way from his youthful days as a little boy in St Ann with only dreams. A boy that he would now encourage to not compare himself with others and pay more attention to math class, to the young man who never turned down opportunities whether they are paid or not.

This is why he would just tell youths, "Don't be afraid to say yes to opportunities, even the small ones that are not as financially rewarding as we would like. But do the best with every opportunity you are given, maximise the possibilities they allow and use them to further advance yourself."."