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Fashion on deck with Club Diamonds

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 12:03 AM
Club Diamonds
Club Diamonds
Club Diamonds
Club Diamonds
Club Diamonds
Club Diamonds
Club Diamonds
Co-creator of Club Diamonds Toussaint James embraces his brand, rocking his long-sleeved button front shirt.


There was always something that set 24-year-old Toussaint James and France-Roy Brown apart. Their eccentric style and effortless swag inspired special attention from onlookers and motivated them to create an unforgettable brand their country could appreciate.

"I've always been a fan of design, whether graphics, architecture, film or clothing. I was intrigued by being able to create something that people could fall in love with," James told Flair.

Fashion has been a passion of both James and Brown since childhood as the people they looked up to - Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Taz Arnold - were able to express themselves through clothing, and the two wanted to do the same.

Struggling to find outfits they liked through high school and wanting to be as fresh and stylish as their role models, they became trendsetters, making and designing their own outfits by fourth form.

"We'd wear our designs to every event and eventually we gained a lot of popularity. After, with encouragement from friends, we decided to start 'Club Diamonds' label with the designs we liked the most," James explained.

When the duo first started, they were huge fans of European menswear and loved tailored outfits and dressy shoes like loafers. This inspired most of their designs but over time, James and Brown started to pay attention to street-wear because of their love for the dancehall and hip hop culture. At present, after much growth, Club Diamonds' style is a mixture of all three cultures, becoming an elegant symbol of Jamaican culture.

The brand reflects the young, old, stylish and vintage. It is committed to offering men's clothing that not only looks and feels good but embraces difference while remaining classy and stylish.

The road to Club Diamond was no easy hand in deck as they had to work hard to build a trustworthy reputation and a production team that embodied the ethics and morals of the brand. But with passion and resilience, James and Brown dedicated their time to developing their brand and overcame their shortcomings.

Here is a look into the fashion deck at Club Diamonds.

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