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His for her playful pleasurer

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Once intimate toys and sex games come into play, women are the true MVPs. Men are coming around, slowly and sensually, but some still opt to sit out the steamy session, preaching that they see the use of these toys as an agent of replacement. Well, fellas, it's time to wake up and taste a new style of orgasm. Step out of lacklustre leisure and jump right into playful pleasure, for her. Here are a few ideas to get the passionate party on and popping.


Dirty Dices


Suck, blow, lick and more. Dirty dices is a great game for couples desiring a more creative approach to body-blowing bedroom duties. But whenever you can, give her the spice of supremacy and roll those dirty dices in her favour, or flavour, whichever is her wish, make it your command.


Edible flavoured body oils


Speaking of flavour, make her body your pleasure platter with delectable drops of edible body oils and tantalise those taste buds of yours until you've reached her sweet spot.


Ring the Alarm


Ring the alarm, another girl is coming! Finally, a gadget that includes asserting your manhood while supplying the stimulating assistance to peak her pleasure zones, she'll be ringing alarms in no time.


Chains and Whips


Rihanna said it best when she sang, "Sticks and stones may break my bone but chains and whips excite me." Do a strip search, arrest her for indecent exposure, then punish her seductively using chain and whips. Want to up to ante? Have her execute a 'standing' order on your bank of desire. Who knows? It just might excite her.


Kegel Beads


Kegel Beads is a win-win for both parties engaging in cloud nine heights of affection. Taking pleasure in her pleasure can't get any better than this, and the benefits in the long run with amaze you.


Enhancement Rings


Stallions, don't knock this toy until you've tried it. An erection enhancement ring may aid in having you go the desired distance.


Magic Hitachi Wand Massager


Enlist the use of Hitachi wand massager and work your magic. She will surely appreciate your erotic support.


Vibration of the toy tongue


One touch or lick from the tongue vibrator and you will have her in the palm of your hands in satisfaction.


Couple's vibrator


Want to see her jump your gun in a sizzling second? Include a couple's vibrator in your foreplay segment of the lustful scene. Control the speed of her waves and watch intently as she loses sight of reality and grips unto fantasy, living in whirlwind world of contentment. Then one she has reached her climax, you replace the vibrator and you finish what it started with vigour and firm finesse.