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Kelly's World | How much fi da phone deh?

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Every time you thought things couldn't get any more ridiculous commercially, here comes the new iPhones.

Now, let me get something out of the way very early. I think iPhones are great devices. Had one for a few months and had zero issues.

But I always figured the prices of gadgets, especially smartphones, were going too high. And the soon-to-be-released iPhone X falls into that bracket.

Reports are that this bad boy will set you back almost US$1,000. That's over J$130,000 and we nuh count any tax or such additions.

Now, while I am quite aware that some people are making crazy money in this little island, you can pay down on a car with that kinda cheese.

Here's the thing. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the cheaper and the more readily available options.

But some speculate those two handsets aren't selling so well because so many people are ordering the iPhone X.

The biggest problem for me is that half of the people purchasing these phones don't really use them to their full potential.

I mean they mostly use WhatsApp, and of course some people live on social media, but there are so many features that come with high-end phones, only a real techie can find them much less use them.

So are they really getting value for money? I don't think so. But a big part of why people buy new stuff, from clothes to cars (and cell phones in-between), is status.

I've seen plenty of memes already floating around, accusing people of buying the new iPhones but still owe rent.

And that's how some people are. Just to keep up with the crowd, they will spend what they don't have. Except, they do have it, but should probably be spending it on what you and I would consider more important things.

But you know the weird part? The techies I know don't even use the latest and most expensive phones.

First off, they don't really have that kind of money. And even if they did, they can always show you a few other devices that get the job done just as well, and for a faaaaar cheaper price.

It's kinda like your mechanic. You ever notice his car usually looks a little more beat-up than yours?

Well, like a smartphone, it's all about what's under the hood and the practicality of the device.

I don't know if I would be comfortable owning a phone that could pay the mortgages on two different homes for a month.

I'm paranoid, so I'm pretty sure I would only feel comfortable using the phone when I'm (firmly) behind closed doors.

Imagine smaddy come 'borrow it' from me one day while I'm walking around?

Di way how I woulda get ignorant, the incredible Hulk couldn't beat me.

But seriously, the phone prices are ridiculous, and they are only going to get worse.

By the way, you know the funniest thing of all? By next year, a whole new version of the same phone you just spent a fortune on will hit the market. Go figure.

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