Sun | Nov 18, 2018

From nerd to stud

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Nothing is more attractive than an intelligent mind; however, sometimes the wrapper can be a deterrent. Honestly speaking, we are first captivated by looks before we even get to the mind. It is not always the cutest that gets the girl but it is the guy that puts himself together and walks upright that gets the first glance. Here are a few tips to help the guys so many of us call the nerd to become the Mr Charming that we know you truly are.

1. Frames - There is nothing wrong with glasses. Not everyone can wear contacts, but think before you choose a frame. Do not just grab the cheapest one because you are on a budget because, believe me, you will be stuck with that for at least two years. Do not grab an expensive one thinking that pricey equals to attractive. It does not. Get a frame that actually fits your face. If you are not sure to bring a friend that will be honest with you and let them help you, and no bright colours warm tones, please.

2. Pants - Get a well-tailored pants. Oversized tailored pants is a no-no and do not go from one extreme to the next. The length should stop at the ankle, preferable with no break. The crotch should be long enough for you to sit but not too long that it bags. The legs should not be able to fit a small human along with you but it should not be tight. Pants should be worn at the waist, not above and not below.

3. Shirts - the same rule applies to shirts. They should not be too big. If you have a large neck size you have to get the shirt a size bigger for it to fit, then have it taken in by a tailor. Throw away every large plaid printed shirt you have, in fact, burn them. Say goodbye, have a funeral, do whatever you wish but get rid of them.

4. T-shirt - Plain white tee never goes out of style. Ensure you have one in your closet. Again, it should not be too big nor too tight.

5. Polos - Toss all oversized polo. You can get them even a size smaller so that they fit a little snug on the arms. This works irrespective of size or six-pack.

6. Mixing patterns - The same way women should avoid mixing patterns, men should too. So if you have on a fine plaid shirt (I already told you to toss the largely printed plaid) then do not wear a polka dot bow tie or a striped necktie. NO! Plain tie with pattern and vice versa but never together.

7. Shoes - Get the right shoes for the right outfit. There are casual shoes other than sneakers. In fact, leave the sneakers for the gym or a job or active wear.

8. Keep groomed - This is where you can experiment, while still keeping in mind your face shape. Having a long beard does not mean it does not need grooming; line it up and comb and trim so that it keeps a shape. Keep your hairline lined up even if you plan to have it grown a little.

9. Body odour - Please throw away all cheap and overpowering colognes. You cannot attract a woman if she is allergic to you. Get something subtle that complements you, not take over.

Bonus: With all these tips, you can give and take a few and you can try all, but none will work if you do not have self-confidence. Walk upright and when you are speaking to her, look into her eyes and not at her toes. Confidence is the best accessory or clothing you can wear.