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Ashley Anguin, clicking to success

Published:Monday | October 2, 2017 | 12:01 AMRocheda Bartley

Many times you find yourself in circumstances where you feel there's no hope and reason for living. Is it an illness that is preventing you from taking that brave step towards accomplishing your lifelong dreams or doing what you love. Faced with these challenges, you will definitely ask what should you do?

Fight against all odds! That's what photographer and project manager for Mobay City Run, Ashley Anguin has proven.

Born with four holes in her heart, a condition known as AV canal defect and living with asthma, Anguin is on top the world.

Dubbed as a 'miracle child', today Ashley Anguin is an entrepreneur who loves the freedom of independence. Her photography business Fimi Shotz in Montego Bay is a dream come true.




Growing up in West Green, Montego Bay, her life was never easy. But she was determined not to fail because of her complications.

"I am a very ambitious individual. I didn't allow my condition to stop me from having fun or get the best of me. I knew I had an illness and understood the seriousness of it at an early age." Anguin explained.

"I had to do my regular heart check-ups every year travelling back and forth to the University of the West Indies (UWI) Hospital in Kingston. Also, I spent a great deal of time in and out of the hospital because ... my asthma was giving me a hard time," she recounted.

She admits that there were times when she felt restricted.

"I was always getting ill. As an avid lover of sports, I wasn't always able to participate in sporting activities for long periods of time. I wasn't able to do any strenuous exercises," Anguin said.

You would imagine that as a child living with two severe illnesses, Anguin would feel inferior. But, with her mother, a single parent, Anguin never felt different.

"My school years were great. I played sports to keep myself active."

Anguin attended the Mount Alvernia Preparatory where she played football. Being successful in her Grade Six Achievement Test, she moved on to Mount Alvernia High.

Still facing challenges from her illnesses, she was successful in her Caribbean Examination Council Examinations. This afforded her a place at the Montego Bay Community College, where she pursued an associate degree in marketing. From there, she went to the UWI Western Campus, where she completed her bachelors degree in management studies.

Determined to prove that your situation should not break you but, instead build you, she decided to venture into student politics. For two consecutive years, she served as the sports chairman on the Guild of Students board at the UWI Western campus.

With all that she has achieved, she is proud to be the first female student to graduate from UWI Western campus with a degree in animation.




Despite the challenges her illnesses caused, her love for sports remains unchanged. She knew early she could not participate in sporting activities for long hours, much more professionally, but she is determined to make her mark in sports. So, what did she do?

"I had to get involve in sports through charity, co-ordinating teams, sponsoring basketball teams and young players who are in need of assistance, and motivate young athletes. I do what I love,"she said.




Over the years Anguin's heart has become stronger and her life has improved. "I don't get as ill as before. Also, I do my regular checkups just to keep me up to date with my condition,"she boasts.