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Fit and Fun stars of IBEROSTAR

Published:Friday | September 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Richard Scotchman putting the fun in fitness with this challenging workout.
Kemoy Brown showing us how it's done in the gym.
Core strength at its finest, courtesy of Kemoy Brown.
Director Andre Johnson.
André Johnson demonstrating strengthening exercises at Fit and Fun Complex at IBEROSTAR.

Do fun and fitness really go well together? IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Suites Montego Bay is ready to answer that with their very own complex dedicated to making health and fitness a fun experience.

According to director of IBEROSTAR's Fit and Fun Rose Hall Complex, AndrÈ Johnson, the centre was designed to provide guests with a wide range of activities in the gym, pool, on the beach or by nature, as well as exercise classes instructed and managed by fitness professionals.

"From sunset yoga, zumba, kickboxing to spinning, and getting aquafit, guest are now able to keep up their good habits for a healthy and balanced life, while discovering their passion for fitness with Fit & Fun during their holidays."

IBEROSTAR prides themselves on not just giving the best, but producing the best. And in doing so, Johnson has been encouraged by fitness instructors to enter the Jamaican Bodybuilding Fitness Association Competition held in Kingston. Meet their winners: Richard Scotchman and Kemoy Brown.

Scotchman is considered a veteran, competing in the sport since 2007. "I go there to encourage other bodybuilders to promote the sport," he added. But for him, it's far more that just a sport, it's a lifestyle of good eating and proper discipline. He has won Mr Jamaica Middleweight two years in a row, last year and this year.




Brown began life as fitness instructor at the gym in January, showing promise as a bodybuilder. He was immediately encouraged by Johnson to work on it. "IBEROSTAR was my sponsor for the competition. Nutrition, supplement, accommodation, costume and entry free, they had it all covered, and I am very grateful that they motivated and supported this opportunity."

Months later, after entering for the first time, he won the best physique in the men's category and the men's overall championship. He describes the win as a great feeling. "All the hard work and dedication, putting in the work with training and dieting, it was well worth it," he shared.

Brown's advice to anyone wanting to get fit and have fun with it, "It's a really good step to take. Cardio is good to do before and after a workout - it is said that you burn more fat if you do cardio after you work out. Fasting cardio is great as well, when you exercising first thing in the morning without eating. Being fit doesn't only make you look good, it makes you feel good too."

As he said feel good, Johnson demonstrated a few moves and I jumped right in so that I could have the Fit and Fun experience.

So be a star today, book your reservations and have fun with fitness while in vacay mode. Fit and Fun is located at the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Rose Hall, IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Suites and IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach.

For more information, feel free to visit their website: Iberostar.com