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Keeping it Real and Tight with Stacious

Published:Monday | October 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM

It might have appeared like Stacious has taken time away from music to pursue other dreams but this dancehall diva has a few hits up her sleeve as she transforms not only herself and clients but her sound. 

Music has always been her first love and to ensure that she gets closer to that passion she has created her own studio where she can create her own music. With that said her body transformation cannot go unnoticed and that contributed to her dabbling into personal training when others saw her physical changes. 

She wanted to do it right at went back to school and studied Physiology and anatomy as well as nutrition and weight training at the Jamaica Self-Defense Academy (JSDA). 

While this helped to gain clients she admitted that this worked against her music a bit as persons sometimes see artistes as one dimensional. Thus if they delve into something else, individuals assume that they are not either true to themselves as an artist or that they have moved on. Stacious has also gotten married during this time which also has people wondering if she still can be sexy. 

She noted that sometimes being wholesome doesn't work with the dancehall brand at times. People tend to like to hear the drama and while she loves the entertainment and can bring her own style to the music, the personal drama is not something that she wants in her life.

But she can strike the balance and is ready now more than ever before to put her all in her music. 

When it came to getting the body she admits that most works begin in the kitchen but it was the gym that was hardest for her. She had two personal trainers but she did it all even her most hated exercises lunges and squats.

While there are no rule books to working out there are five tips that Stacious left us with:

1. Do not be afraid of supplements or pills. Now she is not saying to go to the drug store and stock up on supplements. The truth is some person has metabolism problems amongst other issues and for them, a supplement is advised. This, however, is done with the guidance of your trainer. It might not be for everyone but it does have its place.
2. Water. Stacious told Flair that this was one of the things that she was guilty of breaking from time to time. However, she notes that when she drinks water he skin thanks to her for it. Her acne issues go down to a minimum. 
3. Avoid alcohol. In fact, she describes them as wasted calories. “If you are going to have a cheat meal let it be worth it,” she told Flair. She mentioned that personally before grabbing any liquor she would much rather grab some ice cream.
4.Do not restrict yourself too much. This is when a person falls off their diet. While she believes that you have to gain discipline and be mindful of what you eat, a strict diet a complete withdrawal of some foods is no good either. You should enjoy life, “so if you know on a Friday you have dinner with your husband, keep that dinner but you just ensure you don't eat a big breakfast to compensate for what you might indulge in later.” It is important that you live and enjoy life.
5. Get a trainer or workout partner. Everyone will not be able to afford a trainer but if you find a friend that is just as dedicated to you plan it will help you go a far way. “It is funny you will go a little extra for someone else than yourself. You won't want to disappoint them so even when you're tired you will find yourself going. Plus to hear someone saying you can do it and cheering you on it also gives you the extra push,” she tells Flair.

As a holistic healthy life lesson Stacious implores us to not live in a box irrespective of status or individuals expectations, be who we want to be, live to the fullest.