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Kelly's World | Give the ladies a break

Published:Monday | October 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Much has been said about women in dancehall in recent times, and usually it's not very good.

That's a tad unfortunate because, quite frankly, I love them.

People have criticised various artistes for not just pushing the envelope but just downright tearing it up.

The skimpy outfits, the raunchy lyrics and the feuds (manufactured or real) have rubbed some people the wrong way.

Personally, I think some people are just upset that the 'offending' women aren't rubbing them in a physical way, but I have no proof of this theory.

The way I see it, dancehall is just like any other product, you have to market it and present it properly and spectacularly for people to consume it (and by consume, I mean figuratively, not like what Ishawna was singing about on Equal Rights).




First off, some people say that the female deejays are just pretty faces. If that is indeed the case, I care zero. Like I said, these days it's all about the entire package.

So you coulda have lyrics weh bad like anything Bounty, Kartel, Ninja Man and everybody else have put out, if yuh nuh too pretty, yuh might nuh get nuh forward.

A female Gully Bop, I think, would be hard to find (and even harder to look at).

So call me sexist or any other term that denotes a lack of political correctness on my part, but I think it's great that the female deejays who are always in the news (and not necessarily because they're pushing out number-one-song-type material), are downright sexy or at least 'just' attractive.

Now, I won't get into an argument with anyone about who is the current queen of dancehall. Such conversations were never my favourite. Furthermore, I don't know enough of the material of any female deejay to give an informed opinion.

All I know is that whenever I turn on my TV, if I come across some dancehall divas doing their thing, I'm good.

Mind you, the songs might be put on mute, but then I do that with the majority of music videos I come across, whether the artistes are male or female.

The recent fracas between Danielle D.I. (the only celebrity I ever went gaga over to get a picture taken with me) and Ishawna (who I would also go gaga over for a photo) annoyed some people no end.

While I think some of the stuff was over the top, at least it was interesting and took your mind off the various ills plaguing not just Jamaica but other countries.

I was actually hoping the two gorgeous gladiators would go at it in like a celebrity boxing match where they use oversized gloves (I figure if I asked for mud wrestling or a wet

T-shirt contest I wouldn't get it, soooo this is my next best bet).

Bottom line (and yes, some of these diva deejays have some eye-catching trunk space), I think we simply need to give the ladies a break.

If liking them in dancehall is wrong, then I shall be happy with never being right.

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